London on the go: 9 mobile businesses you’ll want to chase

Brick and mortar businesses are so old-school; these days, it’s all about the the flexibility. Here’s a list of some of our favourite London-based mobile businesses:

1. Anna Mae’s Mac n Cheese

If you’ve flicked through the pages of Anna Mae’s cookbook, you’ll know that this is one lady with a passion for classic American comfort food. Touring the festival and markets circuit, the team of Anna Mae’s Mac n Cheese van serves up flavoursome combinations and more traditional bowls. Visit with a large appetite.

2. Word on the Water

If books are your bag (and, let’s face it, who doesn’t love to read) Word on the Water is a floating haven. You’ll find this canal-based barge-turned-bookstore moored at King’s Cross, stocking a wide range of new and classic tomes. If you’ve time to spare, buy a book, sit beside the canal, and listen to the live jazz musicians who often play on top of the shop.

3. Blu Top Ice Cream

When temperatures rise, Blu Top will be rolling in to rescue crowds with its delicious ice-cream sandwiches. We recommend the brown toast and jam flavoured ice-cream: a brown sugar ice-cream with ribbons of raspberry jam and crispy cinnamon rye bread crumbs.

4. The Record Deck

This mobile business combines two of life’s greatest things: boats and vinyl. Drifting through London’s canals and beyond, The Record Deck is open on weekends when the weather’s good and at various festivals around the country.

5. Travelling Gin Co

Put some streamers on your handlebars and thought your bicycle was cute? Perhaps you should take a gander at Travelling Gin Co’s adorable set-up. Catering special occasions with G&Ts or bespoke cocktails, Ed and Joe are prepped to get the party started.

6. Rainbo

Famed for its delicious dumplings, Rainbo is an Asian street-food van serving up morsels of sheer deliciousness. Alongside the dumplings, you’ll find an assortment of Asian treats available as gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan fare.

7. Ghetto Grillz

Part of Kerb Camden (but on the move too), Ghetto Grillz dishes out jam-packed bagel sandwiches and melts. Taking inspiration from New York bagel joints, with classics like Reubens and chicken burgers on offer, Ghetto Grillz also plates up a mean veggie-friendly grilled cheese.

8. Kimchinary

Korean Burritos (think grilled aubergine and ssamjang sauteed kale) are the order of the day at Kimchinary. From a snail-paced 1970’s electric milk float, Hanna impresses crowds of people with her culinary delights.

9. Burger and Beyond

No mobile food business list would be complete without a tip-top burger stop. And, Burger and Beyond is a particularly good one. From a vibrant orange truck, the team handpress five tasty options: a cheeseburger, a brown sugar bacon burger, a creamy melted Swiss mushroom burger and a green chilli burger.

Which other mobile businesses would you add to the list?

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