A cup of tea with: Lisa Passalacqua

The Khoollect team loves getting to know members of our ever-growing community, in exciting locations all over the world. As part of Khoollect’s new series, which spotlights members of the community, someone you might call a #khoollectsuperfan, we’ve asked Italian baker Lisa Passalacqua a few questions. Boil the kettle and get to know Lisa, then hop over to the Khoollect forum where she’s hanging out:

Name: Lisa Passalacqua
Home: Genova, Italia

What do you do?
Experimental and specialty baking

What do you #khoollect?
Unique, vintage, and/or meaningful kitchen tools!

What’s your favourite post on Khoollect this week? 
My favourite post this week is definitely Rome: Discover the Italian capital with Eleonora Galasso.

What’s your favourite snack?
Homemade granola with thick, creamy Italian yogurt and fresh fruit.

Where’s your go-to hangout in Genova?
l love the espresso bars for a quick caffè and sparkling water!

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