Big Plans, Small Space: Week 15

Another week, another load of updates, and this time they’re all amazing.

We don’t quite know what to expect when we step through the doorway of Khoollect HQ each week but this today, we were greeted by a sight we’ve been long awaiting – the kitchen units.

It’s unsurprising that the kitchen is the part of the flat we’re most excited by – it’s the place where the majority of the action will be happening after all. However, seeing it un-box, screw and pop-up right before our eyes is a treat we won’t be forgetting soon.

As you can see, we’ve gone for green panelling from deVOL kitchens with light grey floor tiling and when the walls are painted (despite the fact we’ve grown to love that pink plastering), it’ll really come into its own.

We’ve also got our wall panelling up in in the front room, which we’ll show you more of when the floors are done. And although the bathroom is in need of some serious attention before we show you anything (at the moment it’s just a gigantic pile of boxes), it’s shaping up to be a little beauty.

Stay tuned for more next week.


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