Big Plans, Small Spaces Week 9: The Details

It’s always a treat when Editor-in-Chief Rachel Khoo comes into town. This week we were able to go to the Khoollect HQ site with her to talk the final stages of the project – and get a bit too involved with the plastering…

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen the space really start to resemble what it’ll finally look like structurally, which means us getting more excited about the details along with her.

That means wall furnishings, bathroom tiles, kitchen islands, chandeliers, small space storage solutions and everything else design-wise that we can get completely carried away with.

Although we’ve already made a lot of the big decisions, seeing the space come together gives that extra piece of creativity a push.

Especially when we had our lovely carpenter in to measure up the spaces where the cupboards, shelves and other fixtures will go. The inspiration for which we’ll be pinning away on Pinterest over the next few weeks so stay tuned.

Khoollect HQ Renovation Project

The shell of the bathroom has been mapped out and the fittings sat waiting to be unpacked in the living space. Even the space where the glass garden door will be is nearly ready.

After getting the low-down from Simply Extend on the next stages of the project – finishing the flooring, laying down tiles before getting the kitchen measured – we then nipped across to Retrouvius to talk kitchen table tops with the guys there, before getting completely distracted by everything else in their treasure trove shop.

Though we might be getting ahead of ourselves with the details when there’s still huge blocks of broken bare brick in the walls, it’s still a lot more fun than just waiting around.

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Khoollect HQ Renovation Project

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