Big Plans, Small Space: Week 18

If you know anything about us and Editor-in-Chief Rachel Khoo, you’ll know we thrive on a challenge. Well, this week we’re testing that theory to the max.

It might have something to do with the slightly terrifying and logistically questionable fact that we’re moving our things out of storage in a day or two and back in to Khoollect HQ. Although a lot of things are finished, there’s still a fair old amount to do – see kitchen.

However, we’ll concentrate on what has been done because to be honest, we’re too excited to be worrying about the check-list right now.

Most of all because we can finally show you the kitchen countertops in all their dark wood glory. How good do they look with the deVOL cabinets? Then there’s the beautiful dark blue hallway from Little Greene Paint Company – check out more on our Instagram – and the white tiles are up in the hallway, meaning no more depressing entrance.

The front room has also had a complete transformation in the last week. We have Charlie from BCabintery in putting the finishing touches on the absolutely huge bespoke moveable bookcase doubling as a workspace. As well as the retractable bed by the window, which will double up as Rachel’s living space when she’s over from Stockholm.

Later on in the week we’ll have Wood Floorers back in to put the last touches on the wooden floor and the front room will be totally complete – ready for our interior furnishing dreams to be realised.

We also have the last of the bathroom tiles going in, though it won’t be ready for our shoot next week, it means it’s all on its way to coming together!

So until next week, make sure you follow along for our live updates and stories on Instagram and check out our Pinterest for interiors inspiration.

Completely a renovation yourself? Comment below with your experiences, we’d love to hear them.



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