Get your sass on: tips to unleash your inner confidence

Some people just have a confident strut and it’s quite easy to feel like the spectator, but it’s never too late to make those small changes. Stylist, blogger and confidence consultant Freddie Harrel runs ‘She Unleashed’ workshops, which aim to empower women through self-exploration and style.

Whether you just want to peek out of your shell a bit more, have personal goals to achieve or want to channel your inner Sasha Fierce, here are Freddie’s top confidence tips.

Don’t compare

Don’t compare yourself to other people – there’s no baseline for confidence.

Cut yourself some slack

It’s okay to make mistakes.

Write yourself a love letter

I have mantras and leave myself positive sticky notes around the place. Write yourself a love letter – include ‘what you want to achieve, you can’, because you’ll end up believing it.

Track the little victories

Take note of all your wins. Then, when you think you’re not doing enough, it’s something to look back on.

Be kind

Be kind to other people. If you forgive people for their mistakes, its easier to forgive yourself.

Don’t make excuses 

If you really want something, work for it.

Dress the way you feel

Go with it. There are happy days where I’m dressed in dungarees and bright colours. On the more vulnerable, insecure days – or even when I’m feeling a bit more romantic – I’ll put on a maxi floral dress. Bold shapes, texture, and strong pieces are an instant pick-me-up when you need a confidence boost.

Unleash your Confidence with Freddie Harrel

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