Getting it done: 15 productivity tips from our Editor-in-Chief

We’re all about mindfulness and finding balance here at Khoollect HQ; so, whether we’re in the studio or working remotely, we want to maximise our time and work efficiently. This way, we ensure we make time for mindful practices and creative endeavours too. Editor-in-chief, Rachel Khoo, is no newbie to having lots of projects on the go. Recipe testing and developing, photoshoots, renovation project, family time…. Here, she shares her tips for getting it all done, and how you can too:

Rachel’s top tips for getting it done:

  1. Put it all on paper (or a digital document): make clear, realistic lists and editorial schedules.
  2. Map out a general weekly or monthly plan of attack, including estimates for how long things on your to-do list might take. A simple spreadsheet template or calendar will do the trick.
  3. Do the thing you least want to do first.
  4. Reserve time to research so inspiration can catch up.
  5. Embrace mindfulness: take care to pay attention to one task at a time, rather than hopping head-spaces.
  6. Consider competing priorities and decide what matter’s most.
  7. Schedule in breaks: be it rest, exercise, a cup of tea, listening to music, meditation, and, of course, meals; it’s all essential to productivity. Down time contributes to productivity; never underestimate it.
  8. Create phone bans and stick to them. Your brain is busy enough without adding extra stimulus!
  9. Remember, you have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé, Malala Yousafzai and Sir David Attenborough do.
  10. Snack well and often!
  11. Don’t work from bed. Firstly, it’s not conducive to good work; secondly, it’s poor sleep hygiene. Your sleeping and working space should not be the same place.
  12. Practice makes perfect: find a rhythm that works for you.
  13. Everyone’s different: it’s smart to ask yourself ‘when do I work best?’; ‘do I like routines?’; and ‘what inspires my creativity?’ to find your own unique productivity jam.
  14. Ask for help when you need it. Reach out to your community. Say ‘no’ when you know you should.
  15. Be kind to yourself. You’re a human, not a robot.

What are your tips for getting things done? Tell us in the comments below …

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