Khoollect’s hotlist of Instagram graffiti artists & curators

Street art or graffiti? Urban painters have always divided opinions. What determines that this piece is art and that piece is vandalism? The legality of street art has always been in a constant state of flux with many artists hiding behind a mask, personified only by the character of their tag.

Did you hear about how Banksy might be Massive Attack? Scottish investigative journalist, Craig Williams plotted the locations of recent Massive Attack shows across the world on a map and reveals how they strangely happen to be where recent Banksy artworks arise.

Are you a believer? Or does this sound like a conspiracy to you? And more importantly, what constitutes street art to you? Let us know in the comments below.

In the meantime, here’s our run-down of our favourite graffiti artists and curators from the world of Instagram:

A photo posted by tMoUA (@themuseumofurbanart) on

The Museum of Urban Art
Location: Planet earth
Get your fix: Worldwide street art
Beautiful curation of street art from all around the globe in a variety of styles.


A photo posted by @smugone on

Smug One
Location: All over the world
Get your fix: Pixar-style street art
We’re feeling this artist’s feed of digital cartoon-style graffiti; reminds me of when Pixar films were at their peak.


A photo posted by S : C : O : Y (@_scoy_) on

Location: Switzerland
Get your fix: Big, bold type
Some traditional ’90s hip-hop-style graffiti here with S:C:O:Y’s take on the classic tag.


Location: Italy
Get your fix: Big bold type
EightyEight curates his own feed of street art local to his hometown of Rome.


A photo posted by Andy Morris (@moggo717) on

Andy Morris
Location: All around
Get your fix: Bright colours
Andy Morris’ feed is a beautiful stream of surreal figures in bright colours. Love how visceral these are in context – you can almost feel the texture of decaying paint.

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