8 Motivational Podcasts for Creatives

Going it alone on your creative journey can be incredibly isolating, especially if you’ve been used to bouncing ideas off an office full of people day-in, day-out. Sometimes, when you don’t have that group of people around you, doubts start to creep in and ideas begin to dry up. These are the podcasts for creative entrepreneurs that act as that office full of inspiring people, well actually, they’re even better…

1. Make It Happen Podcast by Jen Carrington
Jen is one of the best. A creative career coach and general go-getter, Jen knows how to get the best from people and has worked with some of the most successful people in the creative industry. If you’re struggling to focus on what you need to do, or are looking for substantial career advice, these bite-size episodes are all the guidance you need. With her energy and direct nature, it’s hard not to be in a good mood after listening to her northern accent for a few minutes.

2. The Suitcase Entrepreneur 
Natalie Sisson has done the thing that we all want to do; she’s made the nomadic lifestyle work for her business. Since 2006 she’s been travelling the world and working on the go whilst doing so. With this podcast she talks about all the ways you can make it happen for you too.

3. Hashtag Authentic with Sara Tasker 
If there’s one person who really knows how to work the internet it’s Sara Tasker. Her award winning blog and megastar Instagram status makes for a brilliant podcast. In Hashtag Authentic she chats to inspiring women about the creative journey – pitfalls and all. It’s the kind of podcast where you find yourself nodding along in agreement throughout, then full of inspired energy to go conquer the world when it’s finished. Covering topics like ‘Why you need a mailing list’, and ‘Is blogging still relevant?’ it answers all of the questions you’ve been obsessing over.

4. The Failure Factor
Dealing with failure is one of the hardest things about going it alone (and life in general to be honest), so a podcast dedicated to showing you that failure isn’t the end of the road is a welcome blessing. Each episode interviews someone now thriving in their career about how they came back fighting after crashing and burning. After all “it’s surviving rock bottom that gives entrepreneurs the experience, confidence and edge that ultimately causes them to thrive.” This podcast will help you unlock that survival instinct.

5. Raise Your Hand And Say Yes
Describing itself as “one part storytelling, one part personal development and one part kick in the pants,” Tiffany Han’s humorous and graceful interview technique with her guests lets you in on some of the most interesting and helpful stories from successful people. She says: “My jam is telling the truth. The Truth that stops you in your tracks. The one you feel in your gut. The cumbersome, annoying truth that tells you it’s time to wake up and live a different life.” It’s the kind of podcast

6. Jess Lively Podcast
Jess Lively’s podcast is almost a podcast institution now. This podcast not only teaches you about how to have entrepreneurial success but also how to balance and harness that success in relation to every aspect of your life – from food to family. Over 8 million downloads should convince you she’s the real deal.

7. Makers Broadcast – Hatchet & Bear
There’s only seven episodes to Hatchet & Bear’s podcast but it’s seven worth listening to. Speaking to stars of the UK makers scene, this is the podcast if you want to know about

8. The Introvert Entrepreneur – Beth Buelow
It’s an interesting subject – part of launching your own business is putting yourself out there but what happens when you’re not a natural at tooting your own horn. What Beth Bluely (coach, speaker and trainer) does is interview introvert entrepreneurs to discover their routes to success and personal growth.

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