International Women’s Day: meet 9 goal-kicking women

Each year, 8 March marks International Women’s Day (IWD) — a day to celebrate the many and varied achievements of women. It’s a day centred on respect, appreciation and girl power. Led by a fearless female leader, team Khoollect is made up entirely of women. On IWD 2017, (and every day!) we love to share the talents and skills of the women we’re lucky to meet through our community. Khoollect is full of inspiring people, but here we’ve collated some of the women who’ve inspired us most.

Here are 9 women kicking goals, who we think you should get to know:

  • Alice Blogg
    In a male-dominated industry, Alice Blogg is breaking ground and creating incredible works of handmade furniture in the process.
  • Erica Gellerman
    A business-savvy consultant who claims she has the best job in the world, Erica Gellerman is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Freddie Harrel
    On days when you’re feeling less than your best, Freddie Harrel is a source of inspiration. This is a girl you want in your squad.
  • Camilla Kovac
    Leading the way in eco-conscious entrepreneurship, Camilla’s lighting designs bring together minimalist style with eco-friendly materials and practical functionality.
  • Alissa Tomoshkina
    This hard-working woman is an innovator in the London food and film scene, hosting inspired events as part of her KinoVino supper club series.
  • Alison Turner
    Perpetual wanderer and mindful being, Alison Turner’s solo travels will inspire you to jump in a van and seek adventure.
  • Jenny Costa
    Using her skills for the greater good, Jenny Costa of Rubies in the Rubble turns unwanted fruit and vegetables into delicious preserves to reduce food waste.
  • Georgina Hayden
    Thoughtful, nourishing food is at the heart of this talented foodie’s work, and her recipes are perfect for moments of self-care.
  • Kristina Gill
    This Nashvillian food and drinks editor’s life in Rome (and her delicious Roman recipes) will have you wanting to pack your bags and make a city change.

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