Khoollect Explores: Paris with a toddler in tow

Paris has a reputation for being a city for couples, but what about when you’ve graduated to becoming a parent and have a toddler in tow?

The popular book French Children Don’t Throw Food sums up the exemplary behaviour of French children, but don’t let yourself be daunted by a trip to the French capital – Editor-in-Chief Rachel Khoo has put together some tips to take the fear out of your next adventure, and coupled with these hints for navigating Paris with a buggy, you’ll soon feel like a permanent parental resident:

1. Getting around

If your toddler is too small to walk everywhere, but too big for a baby carrier, then a buggy is a must. Make sure you have a compact one so you can easily navigate those narrow Parisian pavements. The metro is a challenge with so many stairs to climb up and down, and while bus transport is easier, your best bet is to walk as much as possible.

If you’re planning to get a taxi or an Uber, then it pays to take your own car seat. Parisian traffic is notoriously bad and it’s just too risky transporting your little one on your lap. This car seat is light, compact and easy to install: perfect for short journeys.

2. Hit the green spaces

When you Google ‘kids and Paris’ it’s no surprise that a huge number of posts appear on kid-friendly parks. At Jardin du luxembourg kids can sail vintage toy boats on the little pond, and the park itself offers the exciting prospect of climbing frames, swings and slides. Place des vosges is surrounded by beautiful buildings and is a haven for children braving the rain in their little yellow raincoats to play in the sandpit.

3. See the animals without the crowds

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Jardin d’acclimatations has a great range of attractions, rides, animals and activities for the little ones. If you happen to be in the Marais, then Musee de la chasse et la nature is a small museum that offers lots for little eyes to see (but definitely not touch), however, it’s not so ideal if you’re opposed to taxidermy.

4. Let them eat cake

Paris and cake go hand-in-hand, so you certainly won’t be short of places to indulge with your toddler. But, if you’re short on time and can only manage one stop, then head to Fou de Patisserie – it’s a designer boutique that boasts the best seasonal pastries from the biggest pastry chefs in the city.

5. Eat without a toddler on your lap

Paris eateries aren’t really in the business of providing high chairs (don’t even bother asking about a nappy changing table!), but there are a handful of pro-parenting places that’ll make you feel right at home and they’re listed here:

Fontaine de Belleville

These guys offer some of the most stylish high chairs in the business, to the point where you’ll leave with ‘high chair envy’ (who knew that was possible?!). They also offer excellent coffee and a simple menu of croque monsieurs and perfectly soft-boiled eggs, ideal for toddler consumption.

Jah Jah by Le Tricycle

Vegan doesn’t immediately spring to mind when you think about eating out in Paris, but this place is ridiculously tasty (and not typically French), and provides plenty of high chairs for discerning foodie mums and their small friends.

Le Compas

While you won’t be blown away by the food here – it’s typical French bistro fare – it’s a great spot for people-watching and has a nappy changing table in the bathrooms (a rare phenomenon). You can also take a leisurely stroll down  Rue Montorgeuil after you’ve eaten.

Robert restaurant

Unfortunately, Robert doesn’t offer high chairs, but is still an accommodating eatery if you’re whizzing around with a toddler and want to indulge in a touch of Parisian sophistication. Park up your buggy, grab a glass of sparkling wine, accompanied with dishes made from the most of the amazing seasonal French produce, and you’ll quickly forget your responsibilities, if only for a moment.

Have you got some of your own tips you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments below…

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