Khoollect explores: Retrouvius, West London

On a busy road in North-West London, wedged between a tight row of shopfronts, sits Retrouvius Reclamation and Design, an architectural salvage and design hub. Stepping inside the dimly lit cove, beyond its wooden doors, you’ll feel as though you’ve stumbled into a collector’s attic filled with bygone treasures.

Retrouvious West London 02

The walls of Retrouvius are lined by salvaged doors an furnishings, while, above you, you’ll spot recycled chairs hang from the ceiling. Ceramic fixtures, window frames and storage boxes are piled high throughout the cosy space; it’s a dreamscape for designers, decorators, vintage collectors and those searching for props.

Retrouvious West London

With unique pieces acquired from museums, schools and various warehouses, you’re bound to find the very thing you’ve been searching for while you peruse Retrouvius’ wares.

Outside of its Kensal Green base, the skilled hands of the Retrouvius team work on a range of design projects and special reclamation requests. You can check out the company’s website to see what the team’s been up to lately.

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