Khoollect’s hotlist of Melbourne Instagrammers

We’re pretty mad about Melbourne here at Khoollect. The city has style, culture, great food and coffee, and picturesque parks and gardens to boot. It’s also home to some of our favourite Instagrammers. Check out our round up of who we’re getting excited about.

Eat, Little Bird
Day job: Food blogger and photographer, mum
Location: Zurich (formerly Melbourne)
Get your fix: Beautifully photographed food
Visit Eat, Little Bird’s Instagram for a bevy of beautiful images of food, eateries, and stunning destinations. An insight into what you can find on her blog. She’s also a regular contributor on Khoollect.

Wandering Spice

Day job: Project manager
Location: Melbourne
Get your fix: Food & interiors
This feed is a down-to-earth take on food and interior photography by an enthusiastic Arab-American writer and cooking enthusiast based in Melbourne.

Esme and the Laneway

Day job: Photographer, blogger
Location: Melbourne
Get your fix: Stunning travel images
Esme and the Laneway’s feed features stunning pictures of Australian landscapes, horizons and the bluest of blue seascapes.

The Little Veggie Patch Co

Day job: Nursery and urban gardeners
Location: Melbourne
Get your fix: Flowers, foliage, veg and urban gardening inspiration
The Little Veggie Patch Co’s feed is full of ideas for growing your own produce in high density urban settings, along with brightly coloured veg as far as the eye can see.

The Alimental Sage

Day job: Nutritionist, food blogger
Get your fix: Food, coffee, dining out in Melbourne
The Alimental Sage’s feed offers pics of individually photographed items of food that are allowed to sing all on their own. There’s also great shots from eateries around Melbourne to give you some inspiration on where to eat next.

Polka Pants

regram @montfoortnz #dopedutchfare

A photo posted by Polka Pants (@polkapants_) on

Day job: Designer of chic chef’s trousers for women
London (formerly Melbourne & Tasmania)
Get your fix: PolkaPants in action
If you’ve ever worked in a commercial kitchen, you need to check out these trousers. The PolkaPants feed is full of many happy women at work in their delicious (and stylish) new work attire.

Belles Hot Chicken

Day job: Maker of Melbourne’s best fried chicken
Get your fix: Fried chicken, fried chicken, fried chicken
Melbourne best fried chicken joint offers an array of images that’ll have you booking a plane ticket to eat there in person. Forget fine dining, chomp your way through this feed.


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