Rachel Khoo’s Khoollect favourites from 2016

How to pick your favourites from 2016 when you loved it all?

As always, I was on the road a lot in 2016, so I left my amazing team at home who looked like they were having all the fun.

Doing a talk at Paperfest (they were back there this year with Hannah hosting a discussion).

Khoollect’s visit to the V&A Museum of Childhood brought back lots of nostalgic memories of the toys I had as a kid.

This had me licking my lips, and I’ve whipped this dessert up a few times. It’s so simple but also delicious for breakfast. (You can adapt it to any seasonal fruit; right now slices of blood oranges would work perfectly).

2016 Favourites

Reading this feature again was a great way to kick off 2017. I’m also very excited that Samantha Clarke will be talking at Khoollect’s Mindful Moment next week. Hope you’re coming along!

Keeping up with what’s happening in London is pretty impossible, even when you’re a local. The Khoollect team put together some handy local guides.

What were your favourites? What would like to see more of? Let us know, below.


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