Love is in the air at Khoollect

Love is in the air and we’re celebrating romance at Khoollect. Look no further for all the loved-up inspiration you need to get in the romantic mood or woo your loved one (or your loved-one to-be!):

Lana Citron Kissing Tip


Check out Khoollect book reviewer Caroline Woodward-Court’s list of romantic reads – her top books for tugging at your heart strings.

You can also read our interview with die-hard romantic and professional writer Lana Citron. Her book A Compendium of Kisses is a playful, and at times unsettling, read into everything about the humble kiss – its cultural meaning, how it differs from place to place, and the history behind the different types of kisses you might come across.


Watch this quirky little tongue-in-cheek cartoon about love’s trials and tribulations. You could also pop on the classic Grease (that’s what we’re watching this week), or The Big Short featuring our #khoollectcrush Ryan Gosling.

Ryan Gosling in The Big Short

For some Instagram inspiration, have a nosey at our top picks for romantically-inspired Instagrammers.


Orange Polenta Cake

If you’re thinking of preparing a romantic dinner for two, try making Khoollect Food Editor Frankie Unsworth’s Blood orange polenta cakes. Or, read our interview with London’s fairytale cooks, The Meringue Girls, and get some inspiration for making edible gifts.


Take a listen to Khoollect’s Amour Spotify playlist. It’s got all the tunes you need for your next romantic dinner for two.

How do you celebrate valentines day – do you go all out with flowers and gifts, or keep it simple and subtle? Tell us in the comments below.


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