Design Tips To Create A World of Wes Anderson From People Who Know

Wes Anderson’s new film Isle of Dogs is due to hit cinemas in Spring 2018. It’s a stop-motion picture set in Japan, following the journey of a boy trying to find his missing dog. And it’s definitely going to be awesome. We cannot wait for our beloved movie maker’s latest offering – so, in the meantime, the only thing left to do is celebrate the wonderful, whacky and witty stories he has brought to our screens.

If a film marathon leaves you inspired to make a Wes world of your own, we spoke to some super cool artists who are all hugely influenced by his distinct aesthetic.

Read their tips on how to create the look at home, take a peek at some of their work, then listen to a playlist of Nico, Paul Simon and Seu Jorge, while choosing how to make your place look cooler than Margot Tenenbaum puffing on a cigarette in her fur coat.

Lizzy Bassett Art

Moonrise Kingdom Print

Moonrise Kingdom Print by Lizzy Bassett Art

Instagram: @lizzy_bassett_art

Lizzy creates prints, necklaces, brooches and earrings, focusing on the colourful characters.

What is the world of Wes?

“Often portraying a nostalgic aesthetic, from the oranges and yellows he favours to the geometric patterns he features in the soft furnishings, stepping into a Wes Anderson movie is like stepping into a dollhouse.”

Tips for creating a Wes aesthetic at home?

“I would say the number one priority is colour. Wes’s colour palettes often mix dreamy pastels with explosions of bright primary colours. Mid-century style design is very important too, from atomic-legged sofas and tables to retro sideboards – if it looks like it’s from the 50s or 60s, you are on to a winner. Pattern also plays a huge part. Add a little distinct Anderson style by using geometric patterned curtains, rugs or, if your taste is very bold, the whole carpet.”

And Lizzy’s favourite character?

“Margot Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums, played by Gwyneth Paltrow. She is a secretive and mysterious woman, with a dry sense of humour, yet has quite a vulnerable side. She is also fabulously stylish and always looks well put together!”

The Gin Fox

The Gin Fox

Margot and Richie Prints by The Gin Fox.

Instagram: @theginfox

JJ is the artist behind The Gin Fox, who is inspired by a love of pop art and graphic novels. Her prints, earrings and cards take a humourous and bold approach to popular culture.

What is the world of Wes?

“A dreamy flight of fancy and delight. The more you watch, the more you see the characters are so weird that it almost makes them more realistic. Not to mention that they all have incredible wardrobes, I mean Steve Zissou even has his own personalised trainers!”

Tips for creating a Wes aesthetic at home?

“I love filling my house with statement prints and I have Margot and Richie Tenenbaum prints looking down on my desk as I work. I think that theming rooms in the house to each movie would be incredible – who wouldn’t want a Life Aquatic bathroom or a Grand Budapest bedroom? (Wait there, I’ve just got to pop out for some purple velvet curtains and pink paint…).’

And if JJ could be any character?

“I think it would probably be M. Gustave, as he is so quick witted and poetic. Or, of course, Mrs Fox from Fantastic Mr Fox – she is a wonderfully strong willed but level-headed character.”

Laura-Kate Draws

Life Aquatic Mug

Life Aquatic Mug By Laura-Kate Draws

Instagram: @LauraKateDraws

Laura-Kate Chapman started her Wes Anderson themed line after receiving positive feedback for a poster she designed for a Picture House competition. Customers pushed for posters of more films and soon Laura-Kate extended her range to include mugs.

What is the world of Wes?

“One word that initially springs to mind is meticulous. Every aspect of his productions are so deeply considered, from the striking colour schemes, to the costumes to the objects and artefacts embedded within his set design. The composition of each scene is so beautifully arranged, they could be pages of a picture book.”

Tips for creating a Wes aesthetic at home?

“When I moved to my new flat, one of our bathrooms had a really old fashioned pink bathroom suite – my boyfriend wasn’t keen, but I was in heaven. I just saw the chance to have a Margot Tenenbaum style bathroom! More is definitely more, but it’s about striking the balance between esoteric and crazy hoarder. I think Wes’s world is eclectic yet very stylised which is not an easy thing to successfully achieve at all.

Laura-Kates favourite character?

“VERY tough question – it’s impossible for me to choose just one. I think one of my absolute favourites has to be Pagoda in The Royal Tenenbaum’s, his blind devotion to Royal makes for many humorous moments. The scene in which he stabs Royal remains one of my favourite scenes throughout any of Wes’s films.

Are you a big fan of Wes Anderson films? Have you based any of your interiors around his work? We’d love to hear about it in the comments box below.

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