10 Tips To Grilled Cheese Sandwich Perfection

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Grilling cheese is an art form. It might not seem like it but we’ve had enough bad grilled cheese sandwiches to know that extra bit of effort goes a long way. So we spoke to the two women behind Grilled My Cheese to get their top 10 tips for the perfect grilled cheese sandwich and trust us, it’s worth heading their advice.

With an absurdly popular street food stall serving up grilled cheese sandwiches across London since 2013, these two know their stuff. Plus, with signature combinations including the likes of a Jay-Cheese and Bean-oncé, rainbow grilled cheeses and (our favourite) a grilled mac n’ cheese sandwich, this isn’t your typical food stall.

Thankfully for everyone, they’ve also released a cookbook which you can get your hands on by entering this week’s competition! But for now…

Grill My Cheese’s 10 Commandments of Grilled Cheese:

1. Do it your whey

There is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ toastie. Everyone has their own version, and we hope these recipes will give you the inspiration to create your ideal toastie.

2. More is more
Spending a little more on your ingredients will make a big difference to your grilled cheese. There is always a time and a place for the nostalgic ‘white bread’ toastie. It’s a comforting classic. That being said, you deserve better.

3. Butter me up
Buttering the outside of your bread is a MUST to ensure a golden buttery crust. We recommend using a small amount of unsalted butter.

4. Cheese me, baby
Melty, Stretchy, Cheesy – this is what you want from your grilled cheese. Experiment with different cheeses.

5.Grate Expectations
Without getting too scientific (not really), cheese melts quicker when it’s grated. Ultimate resulting in a perfect cook, especially when you add more ingredients.

6 Mix it up
Hams, jams and pickles – most things taste better with cheese. Play around with different flavour combinations and don’t be afraid to try new things. Some of our best sandwiches have come from having fun with flavours.

7. Cheason’ it
All our sauces and chutneys work great with grilled cheese either inside or as dips.

8. Grilling me softly
Cook on a medium heat to ensure your sandwich is golden on the outside and fully melted to gooey perfection.

9. Hallou-it’s Not-mi
There are very few don’t to making a grilled cheese. The main one is using hard cheese that don’t melt, such as a helium and paneer. Cottage cheese is also a no-no. We do use some ‘non-melty’ cheeses in some of our sandwiches, such as ricotta and cream cheese. These add texture and richness.

10. Brie-Liege it
Grilled cheese is simple and honest. Don’t take it too seriously, it should always be made with love.

Extract is taken from Grill My Cheese: From Slumdog Grillionaire to Justin Brieber: 50 of the Greatest Toasted Cheese Sandwiches Ever! Published by Quadrille Publishing Ltd 2017. 

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