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Unusual ingredients

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    Profile photo of Hannah Adams
    Hannah Adams

    Hi Akshay, that sounds hilarious! I want to try it now just to see what it’s like! Dragonfruit look interesting too. How do you eat it? In a fruit salad or like an apple?

    Profile photo of Akshay Shiraskar
    Akshay Shiraskar

    Hey Hannah- you should definitely try Durian once… I wish I could see your expression while you taste that fruit 😀 😀

    Durian has sticky+slimy texture and very smelly so there are literally signs of NO DURIANS ALLOWED at all the metro stations of Singapore :O

    Well I just peel the skin and eat the Dragon fruit like an apple but you can make a fruit salad as well 😛

    Profile photo of Rachel Khoo
    Rachel Khoo

    Hi Akshay,
    I love Durian. Whenever I visit my relatives in Malaysia and it’s in season we go for a tasting session. There are so many different varieties (a bit like cheese) which have slightly different flavours.
    I usually eat it fresh but have had it in pancakes aswell. Do you ever cook with Durian?

    Profile photo of Bhavesh Patel
    Bhavesh Patel

    I recently came across a herb called Culantro, very similar to corriander/cilantro but with a more floral and lemony taste and larger leaves. It is used widely across latin america and the caribbean as an alternative to corriander – I made a simple omelette with it and it’s excellent, highly recommended for anyone who hasn’t tried it yet…

    Profile photo of Hannah Adams
    Hannah Adams

    Hi Bhavesh,
    I’ve never heard of that herb. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Profile photo of Shelby Kho
    Shelby Kho

    When I was visiting Borough Market during a holiday, I came across Samphire and was blown away. It was such an odd vegetation to me. I bought some back even though I had no idea how to cook it and decided I would just stir-fry it with some other greens without using salt cos it was so salty on its own. How do you all usually eat it? Do you cook it or have it raw in a salad?

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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