9 ways to procrastinate mindfully

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Amid our busy lives, it can be hard to find the time to learn something new. It’s been said that the best thing to do as you age is to keep your mind busy. Learning keeps your brain stimulated, whether you want to be creative, learn a language, or finally find that piano teacher in your area who’ll help you fulfill your dream of being the next Regina Spektor (or better yet, Ludovico Einaudi). So, when we’re experiencing a time filled with bouts of procrastination, what better to do that learn something and awaken our minds?

So when do you squeeze in your learning time? It seems to me there’s limited time to dedicate to ourselves in this busy world. I watch things with my dinner and listen to podcasts while I commute/clean the house/take a shower. The latest mixes on Soundcloud may not necessarily nourish my brain, but podcasts might. Having a binge on House during a Netflix coma might teach me what sarcoidosis is, but it’s not going to be creatively inspiring.

Here’s a list of what I’ve been watching and listening to, making me feel like – even in the smallest way – I’m learning something useful:

TED Talks 

TED talks are great for learning about a whole host of insightful topics. Everything from interviews with Andy Puddicombe (creator of Headspace app) to entrepreneurial advice from Seth Goden appear on TED.

Big Magic: Magic Lessons Podcast

From the writer of Eat Pray Love and also Big Magic:Creative living beyond fear, Elizabeth Gilbert hosts a series of magic lessons. She seems to know everything about welcoming creativity into your life and her melodic voice leaves me in a positive and invigorating mind-frame.

Trash is for Tossers

A recent discovery of mine, and one that I’m completely hooked on, is the pursuit of going plastic-free. Lauren Singer has managed to go waste free – an admirable feat and one that she is sharing the secret to through her blog and YouTube channel.

OLIVE podcast

Hosted by Khoollect’s friend, Laura Rowe, the Olive podcast is like chatting about food with your friends. It’s great for learning what’s new in the food world, which recipes to test and what books we should be reading.

Chef’s Table

I always seem to be eating lazy, can’t-be-bothered-with-life dinners when I watch Chef’s Table. This Netflix series is endlessly inspiring and proves that hard work, determination, passion and belief are the ingredients to a successful career in the food industry.

Racing Extinction

A thoughtful and effective documentary, similar to Cowspiracy, it delves into the reasons why our planet is struggling and what we can do to help.

No Impact Man

A recent one on my watch list, No Impact Man is the project by Colin Beavan and his family. The Beavans went completely green in a drastic effort to curb his environmental impact. They aren’t suggesting you do the same but instead choose a few things that you can do to help.

10% Happier

Host Dan Harris is a news correspondent for ABC news America. Live on air he had a panic attack, which lead him into the world of meditation. His podcast is a blend of guided meditation and Q+As with interesting people who have become more conscious in their day to day lives.

The Minimalists: A documentary about the important things

I feel like a complete preacher, but The Minimalists has changed my life for the better. I wrote a post about How to Become a Minimalist, and I’m constantly sharing the books and podcasts with my loved ones. The Minimalist film has now reached our screens and I couldn’t be happier about it. If there’s a way for this way of life to reach the masses, I’m delighted.

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