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When the sun’s been hibernating for much of the year in London, we often forget how powerful it can be when it does decide to show up. For many, an afternoon in the park can equate to a skin colour not too dissimilar to a ripe tomato.

We called on beauty buff, beach devotee and sun-drenched Sydney resident Camille Owen, of On a Beauty Bender, for her words of wisdom on prepping for the sunnier months. Here’s what she told us:

Whether you’ve found yourself a little sun-kissed or you’ve unintentionally gotten so sunburnt that you now resemble a boiled lobster, here are some winner tips and products to help your skin with the influx of vitamin D.

It should go without saying, but DRINK UP. Hydration plays a huge part in helping your skin repair and heal, not to mention you will be a little dehydrated from all that sun-exposure. You can apply as many topical creams as you like, but unless you treat your skin from the inside out, you aren’t going to get very far.

Nothing beats fresh aloe vera, but if your not within picking distance of your grandma’s garden, you may have to try an alternative. Aloe is known for its anti-inflammatory, healing and soothing properties, which makes it ideal for sunburn. There are many inexpensive aloe-vera-based cooling gels widely available at chemists and super markets, but my picks would be Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Lotion or The Body Shop Aloe range.

If you unfortunately find yourself a little on the red scale of things, MooGoo MSM cream is a fabulous natural option. MSM or organic sulfur has been proven to be a great skin softener and soothing compound for irritated skin. That mixed with sweet almond oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E,  among many other dreamy sounding ingredients, makes this the perfect cream to soothe that pink skin.

Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk is perfect for you sun-safe pals that may have been slightly sun-kissed. This clever little product replaces the moisture that the sun sucked out of your skin, while adding a touch of colour to extend the life of your tan. It is also full of vitamin E and aloe vera to nourish your skin. Plus it’ll leave you smelling like a little vanilla cake.

Korres Cooling After-Sun Face & Body Yogurt may sound like a delicious snack, but really it is a heavy-duty cooling cream to assist with the burning sensation and redness associated with sunburn. Packed full of soothing and nourishing ingredients, this unusual cream is perfect for when you have completely over-done it and feel like you may just spontaneously combust. Bonus tip: keep in the fridge for extra cooling benefits, just make sure not to eat it with your crunchy granola.

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