Ten essential lipstick tips

The sisters behind The Lip Lab, Courtney and Kimberley Treacy, spend every day experimenting with lipstick and creating gorgeous customised shades. Here, they share their top ten tips for achieving a perfectly polished lipstick look:

1. Prime and prep

Start by making sure your lips are primed and prepped correctly. Choose a fine exfoliator designed especially for the delicate lip area (harsh scrubs will only dry the lips out more). Dry, flaky lips will accentuate any fine lines and cracks around the lip area.

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Make sure your lips get the royal treatment by slathering on a healing balm before you go to sleep. Make sure it’s full of vitamin E, ceramides and cocoa butter.

3. Add SPF

Lips are susceptible to sunburn and many melanomas begin on the lips. At The Lip Lab we can add SPF to your lipstick.

4. Go easy on your lip liner

Sure, you can go a little over your natural line … but go easy. Remember, liner is to help tidy up your look and prevent lipstick creeping into lines. It can define a beautiful lip, if done properly.

5. Invest in a good-quality lip brush

To apply your lipstick, a lip brush gives a flawless finish and is easier to use (and more hygienic) than applying straight from the stick. Remember to regularly give your brushes a soak to remove build-up and residue.

6. Choose creme or matte

Matte will automatically feel a little dry on applying but will last longer, whereas creme feels nicer on. However, you’ll find yourself reapplying more often throughout the day. It’s a personal choice.

7. Store your lipsticks in a cool place

Lipstick melts quite easily, so if the unthinkable happens and it gets any squish to it — pop it in the fridge for 30 minutes to reset. If it’s not salvageable, bring it in to us — we may be able to re-melt and pour it for you, or make you a brand new one from scratch.

8. Remember, lipstick has a shelf life

Most lipsticks should be replaced every 12-18 months. Bacteria can and does grow in all makeup — and with lipstick being applied around the mouth area, it’s prudent to keep your lipstick in tip-top condition. Always carry disposable lip brushes in case friends want to try on your prized lippie. It’s far more hygienic than applying straight from the stick.

10. Every girl should have the basics in her makeup bag

We recommend a creamy winter red, a matte pink and a coral sheer lip gloss. If you have these three shades you’ll breeze through any event at any time of the year.

What are you tips for your lips and lipsticks? Tell us in the comments below or visit our forum.

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