Crowned best in show: meet the winning pets

We put a call out to find some mischievous pets caught on camera, for a chance to win one of four Logitech Circle cameras. It was a tough choice selecting the winning pets (they were all so cute, debates broke out at Khoollect HQ). But, we’ve managed to choose the final four.

Each of these pets (okay, maybe their owners) will receive a Logitech Circle, and get to know the secret lives of their pets, but we’d like your help picking the top dog (or cat, or hamster!). So, meet the four Best in Show winners, and tell us who you love best in the comments below.

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Miss Bee, Mustard, Miss Rose and Parsley

What type of cats are they?
Ragdoll cats. Beautiful, calm, pedigree cats with quirky personalities. 

What are their favourite things to do?
They are very much into playing with interactive games. They play a game on my iPad where the cat must catch the mouse! They love it. They also watch a DVD specifically made for cats. They actually stop what they’re doing and sit in front of the TV. Just like toddlers!

How will you use the Circle?
The Logitech Circle will be used firstly for the fun of watching what they’re up to when we’re not at home. Also, the safety aspect. It’s so reassuring to be able to check everything is as it should be. No need to get someone to check on them. I love how portable and small the Logitech Circle is, and it’s rechargeable! I’ve always wanted to find a way of watching them without them watching me! The best feature of the Logitech Circle is that I can talk to them when needed. Wow!



What type of cat is Luna?
I’m not entirely sure what breed Luna is, I think she’s mixed. She’s six months old. 

What are her favourite things to do?
Her favourite things to do are drinking from the tap, chasing bottle caps and burrowing under the duvet while I’m sleeping to lick my toes.

How will you use the Circle?
I’ll use the Circle to keep an eye on her while I’m at university.



What type of dog is Bran?
He is a Dutch Kooikerhondje and his name is a shortened form of Rembrandt.

How old is he?
Bran will be three years old on 1 February, 2017.

What are his favourite things to do?
Bran enjoys, napping, having his tummy tickled, chasing squirrels in the futile belief that he will one day catch one and shouting at the pigeons that trespass in his garden. He also very much likes stealing cheese.

How will you use the Circle?
Although the Logitech Circle will be used to chat to him while he is home alone, I suspect it will also monitor his never ending efforts to steal cheese.


How old is he?
Maple is seven months old (his birthday is 6 April).

What are his favourite things to do?
He loves to play in his tube and build his bed after every change. 

How are you going to use the Circle?
We will set it up overnight to see what Maple gets up to when we’re not watching!


Comment below to tell us your favourite pet of the bunch…

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