Acts of kindness: 9 charities to give to this Christmas

The festive season often sees people donating a little extra money, or a few extra gifts, to those in need. For many, Christmas can be an especially challenging time of year; and, for charities and charitable institutions, a little donation (be it money or gifts) can make a big difference. With so many people and charities seeking assistance, it can be tricky to choose where’s best to bestow your donations. We’ve put together a list of nine charities you could help out at this time, and all times, of the year:

  1. World VisionGrowing up can be a very different experience for children in different parts of the world. World Vision endeavours to create a world where children everywhere have access to the essentials: like clean water and education. You can sponsor a child in another part of the world by visiting the World Vision website.
  2. YoungcareSometimes, young people who require high care can find themselves living in aged care facilities where the level of care they need is available. Youngcare is a charity working to ensure young people can live freely with the support they require, without living in aged care facilities. Visit its website to discover the differences this charity has and can make.
  3. Oxfamworking to alleviate poverty, Oxfam is the perfect place to purchase charitable stocking fillers that go toward great causes.
  4. Share the DignityThis Australian charity is making great waves in solving a problem that many homeless women and women in domestic violence shelters have to face: unthinkable indignities during their monthly period. Founder of the charity, Rochelle Courtenay and her team work tirelessly to collate donations of sanitary items and Christmas gifts for women having an unimaginably hard time.
  5. RSPCA: Achieving great things for the voiceless in our society every year, the RSPCA is all about preventing cruelty toward animals.
  6. CARE Internationala short visit to CARE International’s website will help anyone understand the types of crises people around the world are facing all year round, and how we can help change lives.
  7. Macmillan Cancer Support: Most of us know someone who’s been affected by cancer, and many cancer research institutions are seeking a cure for the many varieties. A donation to Macmillan Cancer Support can help push researchers toward their goal.
  8. Friends of the Earth: If you’re concerned about environmental issues, Friends of the Earth is a great place to channel your funds.
  9. JustGiving: To support smaller, but no less important, causes, take a browse on JustGiving to discover how you can help a large number of people and small organisations in need. Find something you’re passionate about and click to donate.

Which charities do you donate to at Christmas? 

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