Deezer x Khoollect playlist: Songs to celebrate with

Some say Christmas lasts one day, but we’ll be staying in the festive spirit all the way up to the new year. Join us for our Boxing Day carry-on party with some tunes to close off Christmas 2016. With the help of our fellow Khoollectors, we’ve put together the perfect celebratory playlist to keep that homely Christmas feeling alive.

So while you’re tucking in to Christmas dinner round two, tune in to our Musical Munchies: Let’s Celebrate playlist below…

Big thanks to Maunika Gowardhan and the community for all your suggestions, and congratulations to Khoollector Karen for winning a six-month Deezer subscription.

Anyway, time for another dessert? I think so. Try our delightful musical munchies recipe for the month: frozen berry jelly with shimmery chantilly.

What will you be listening to when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve? Let us know in the comments…

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Fancy some giggles 'n' wiggles?

Get your dancing shoes on, whack on our celebratory playlist and try to dance while indulging in this frozen berry jelly with shimmery chantilly.