Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation

As a veggie and animal activist, I’m always trying to find natural & cruelty-free products for my make-up bag. When pursuing the shelves of department stores you will be astonished to see that a huge percentage of the products have been tested on animals (if not all) and are made with harsh chemicals. So after testing various foundations, I’ve been looking to find one that’s the perfect texture and colour.

Some contenders are Liz Earl’s signature foundation (however, slightly yellow on my skin tone) and Bare Minerals Bare Skin (I found the bottle and application very messy and ended up wasting a lot). I’m pleased to report I’ve found my new favourite: Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation. The colour is almost a perfect match to my skin tone, it’s a great texture* and the application is easy with the pump action bottle.

*sometimes I mix it with my daily moisturiser for a lighter finish.

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