Happy feet: socks for the snuggly season

Come winter in London, socks are a non-negotiable. So why not opt for a pair that is both comfy and colourful? Sure, a sensible black pair can be a sensible choice; but when these cosy accessories spend most of their time tucked away in your boots, we suggest brightening your tootsies with a snazzy sock of choice. Here’s some of our favourites:

  • If you’re both a foodie and a fan of toasty toots, slip your feet into a pair of these Monki hot-dog socks. You’ll also find avocados, animals and floral patterned foot warmers in Monki’s online store.
  • Your new favourite go-to brand for pattered foot coverings, Happy Socks is home to a very wide selection of fun footwear. Here’s a pair we’re enjoying.
  • Obus’s online store is cool-sock central. We’re big fans of the Obus Annushka Tall Socks for knee-to-calf fashion satisfaction.
  • Our Creative Editor swears by the comfort and snuggliness of Braintree’s socks, and this is a pair we want to pop on right now.
  • The joys of Gorman’s sock prints know no bounds, and the brand’s latest collaboration with atelier bingo brings us le banane sock. Fruity fun for everyone!
  • With the festive season (always) just around the corner, we think these spiffy gingerbread socks are just the thing for a stylish man about town.

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