K-list round-up: the kitchen edit

If you, like Team Khoollect and its Editor-in-Chief Rachel Khoo, spend a large amount of time getting creative in the kitchen, you’re likely to enjoy our latest K-list edit. We love to khoollect cookery wares and special ingredients, particularly ones that make our not-so-pretty baking attempts look like something special. Check out these nifty items, for a dose of culinary inspiration:

  1. Yet to perfect The Perfect Sponge? Test out these sandwich cake tins and watch your party guests’ eyes light up when you plonk your finished product on the table.
  2. Fancy yourself a bit of a star in the kitchen? Well, complete your cakes and bakes (and reward your efforts) with these edible gold stars. We used them to top our Super Glam Party Cake.
  3. Having guests over for breakfast or brunch? Knock their socks off with this Grapefruit Brulee recipe, and use this handy grapefruit knife to make things easier.
  4. Make your cooking efforts shimmer and shine with a touch of glitter (of the edible variety).
  5. Delicious, whether they’re served savoury or sweet, crepes are are happy-making treats that are easier to make with the help of a crepe pan like this.

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