Own your style: five tips from a fashion designer

Stop envying other people’s fashion sense and create your own signature look. Find inspiration around you, wear what you want, and make sure you don’t feel like a fish out of water. London-based fashion designer Susie Stone shares her go-to tips for embracing your own style and getting the most out of your very own look.

1. Find your own style

It’s so important to find your own style. Fashion is about being unique, so you need to master your own individual look and own it. Stop trying to emulate everyone else and be proud to be different.

2. Be comfortable

There’s nothing worse than wearing a beautiful dress that you can’t move, dance, or eat in. Always dress for comfort, even if you’re attending a special event. The most attractive people are often those most comfortable in their own skin who feel good wearing what they have on.

3. Know your body

In my experience of making clothes to measure, most people want what they don’t have. Forget that, and instead embrace your figure and highlight your assets rather than focusing on your insecurities.

4. Update with accessories

I’m a big fan of wearing simple, classic clothing and updating your look with accessories. One of my favourite Chanel quotes is “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance,” and I couldn’t agree more – effortless always looks better than trying too hard.

5. Get your clothes tailored

If a fully bespoke outfit isn’t for you, then simply tailoring ‘off the peg’ clothes to fit your body perfectly makes the world of difference. It can also make an average dress look exceptional. It’s also a great option if you find a clothing item you absolutely love, but it’s just that little bit too loose or ill-fitting in certain areas.

Photos courtesy of Susie Stone.

Tell us your tips for embracing your own style in the comments below.

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