Rachel’s Red Lipsticks Update

You might have noticed I love red lipstick?! It seems no matter how many photos or small-screen appearances I do, people are always interested to know which colour or brand I’m wearing. Over the years I’ve put together a couple of lists of my favourites, but, as with anything, my taste and needs regularly change, so the list is continually evolving.

When it comes to red lipsticks, I tend to splurge rather than budget-buy. If you wear red lipstick as religiously as I do – especially when filming – then a good quality product always pays dividends.

I often work my way through the colour spectrum if I find a brand that works well for me. If you’re wondering how I manage to keep my lipstick intact while filming, it’s because I’ve developed my own special way of eating ha! No, that’s not really the case at all – I just keep reapplying so it looks fresh all day long.

Here’s a quick rundown on the brands I find myself using most these days (they’re the ones you’ve probably spotted me wearing in photos):


Tom Ford Cherry lush lipstick


Cherry Lush by Tom Ford

I’ve bought this lipstick twice in the past five years and wear it consistently. My current supply is so low that I need to use a brush to get to the last of the product. It has a lovely creamy rich texture that doesn’t dry your lips out. This is not a matte classic red but a red with a slight pink tinge and a little sparkle.

Rachel Khoo make up store red lipstick copy

China Red by Make Up Store

Ok, so don’t shoot me, but unfortunately this lipstick is out of stock (but do click on the link in case they’ve updated since I’ve put this post together). I picked this up when I was whizzing through the airport a while ago and realised I had forgotten to pack my red lipstick (I always try to have one tube in my handbag). It’s a matte product with an intense red pigment. It has a slight blueish tone which I always find the most flattering, and it helps to make your teeth look whiter.

Rachel Khoo B Cassie red lipgloss

B. Cassie Lomas Matt Liquid Lipstick

I discovered this brand while googling for a ‘high street vegan’ cosmetic brand, then nipped into a Superdrug to check the lipstick out. Its lipgloss packaging is quite deceiving– it’s actually a gloss that turns into a matt powdery finish. I have used a similar more expensive version of this in the past and really like the way you can build up the colour. It’s not as heavy as a regular lipstick which means you can simply stain your lips or build up the product for a more intense look. Another bonus is it’s under £5 (it was on offer when I went into the shop).

What’s your go-to lipstick? Tell us in the comments below…

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