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The Kovac Family’s tips on running an eco-friendly business

When a company creates designs with nature as its muse, a desire to preserve the environment that forms its inspiration makes sense. The Kovac Family creates beautifully designed lamps with environmental sustainability at the forefront of its plans.

It’s true that a business should be sustainable in more ways than one, but Camilla Kovac proves creating an eco-friendly business could be simpler than you think.

Here are Camilla’s tips for running an eco-friendly business:
  • Start off by going through your list of suppliers. Question their eco credibility and say goodbye to all those who can’t (or won’t) deliver or ship in an eco-friendly manner. (We have said goodbye to many who haven’t met our standards.)
  • Replace all your lights with energy efficient LED light bulbs — they consume much less energy than regular bulbs.
  • Instead of buying bottled water, use a water purifier. You’ll save money and use less plastic.
  • Do away with your car, join a carpool club that uses electric cars, take a walk, ride a bike, or use public transport.
  • Evangelise and be an inspiration: talk to your customers, suppliers and others about the importance of protecting our environment.
  • When you’re out, always ask for local or organic lunches. Or, better yet, bring your own lunch.
  • Most importantly, produce eco-friendly, fair trade products and services. Register to become certified where possible.

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