The battle of the baby carriers

Babywearing has almost become a bit of a fashion statement in recent years, with so many different options to choose from. Six months down the line, and several different baby carriers later, I now think I know a thing or two about them. Here’s a round up of carriers I’ve tried:

  1. Babybjörn baby carrier one

babybjorn carrier air rachel khoo

After reading countless reviews online, I decided to try this one out. I liked the fact that it allowed for a lot of different positions you could switch the baby in. It can be used from birth up to when the baby is three years old. It’s well padded on the shoulders and super easy to clip on. Popping your baby in and out is simple too.

Comfort factor – 6/10
I found that my lower back ached if I wore this over a longer period.

Ease of use – 9/10
Even without watching a youtube video I managed to figure out how to use it. Even though it did have a newborn support built in, I didn’t feel totally at ease (see my next review).

Fashion forward – 7/10
I got the classic black but I have seen some fun print versions this spring.

2. Kangaroo top

I spotted this on a midnight nursing session surfing online and had to give it a go, as I wasn’t totally comfortable with using the Babybjörn. I absolutely loved it. Popping Baby O in with just a nappy, the skin-to-skin contact and snuggliness kept us both happy. Doing a few household chores was a breeze. Plus, it doubled up as a nursing top too. The only downside is you that can’t use it once the baby hits three months.

Comfort factor – 8/10
It wasn’t any different from being pregnant but that is partly due to the size of Baby O. I did find while I was hoovering that I got a bit sweaty with the extra body heat.

Ease of use – 9/10
I washed mine countless times and the fabric hasn’t worn or misshapen. Getting your baby in and out is fairly easy to do too.

Fashion forward – 6/10
It’s not the most flattering top to wear on it’s own as the fabric tends to gather over your mummy tummy.

3. Ergo stretch babywrap

I loved the skin-to-skin contact with the kangaroo top but the inevitable happened and Baby O got too big. It wasn’t something you get with the Babybjörn (too much padding in the way) so I thought I’d try a wrap, even though I initially thought it would be too much hassle to tie (which it kind of is). The fabric is very long and inevitably ends up on the floor when you’re putting it on so I haven’t really used it beyond the realms of home yet. The thought of having to undo it and retie it in a public nappy-changing room, which probably hasn’t been cleaned in a while, really didn’t appeal to me.

Comfort factor – 8/10
I felt well supported with the wide elasticated fabric. I loved the the hugged feeling it gave Baby O too.

Ease of use – 4/10
Okay, this took me a lot of watching this video on repeat.

Fashion forward – 4/10
The brown and black elasticated fabric – it’s a bit meh!

4. Ergobaby four position 360 carrier

A friend of mine recommended I try out an Ergobaby carrier after I said the Babybjörn wasn’t very comfortable. I also spotted someone breastfeeding while their baby was in the Ergobaby carrier and, being an avid multitasker, I thought ‘this is something I want to be able to do too’. Unlike the Babybjörn, which has clips at the front, this relies on some flexibility in clipping it at the back. It has similar flexibility like the Babybjörn with various positions. It does, however, require a newborn insert.

Comfort factor – 8/10
The wide belt like velcro strap really hugs your waist. (It can be adjusted to hug waist or hips, which is perfect for me as a shortie.) And, it supports your back and is well padded at the shoulders.

Ease of use – 7/10
I struggle with the shoulder clip sometimes and have, on numerous occasions, had a kind soul at the airport/on a plane help me. In addition, the velcro has caught on my tights quite a few times too.

Fashion forward – 7/10
If I had spotted the polka dot one in the shop when I bought my black one I would have definitely bought it.

5. Woven wrap

Sarah Kate AKA Urban Wit and I went to art college together and even back then she had a pretty amazing fashion style. Her baby-wearing fashion is inspiring and something I would love to pull off, even if it’s only for an hour. Most baby carriers look more suitable for a hike in the hills, which is perfectly fine for a sporty look. However, try and pair it with a dress and heels and something doesn’t quite feel right.

Comfort factor – 8/10
With such a wide selection of natural breathable fabrics, such as linen, silk or even bamboo there is plenty to choose from; making it comfortable to wear for both baby and bearer. At the end of its baby-wearing life you could potentially end up using it as a giant shawl.

Ease of use – 3/10
Similar to the wrap, it takes some getting used to. The woven fabric has less stretch than the Ergobaby wrap and is slightly harder to tie.

Fashion forward – 10/10
There are numerous beautiful prints out there. It instantly turns simple mono-toned nursing clothes into a stylish look. I have my eye on this one.

The winner for me:
For comfort and ease I would have to say that the Ergobaby 360 is the winner. I’ve flown solo with Baby O several times and it’s made my life a lot easier having my hands free and my back pain-free.

I’ve now sold my Babybjörn carrier.

Are you a babywearing parent? If so, what worked for you? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks!

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