Uncomplicated scarf tying techniques

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A scarf is one of the most versatile fashion accessories you can buy. They’re colourful, light and add that chic touch or splash of colour to an otherwise casual or simple outfit. Wear them round your neck, in your hair, hanging from your handbag, or as a simple prop for styling your interior.

The trouble is, most of us have no idea how to correctly tie them to compliment our outfits. Here to help is Swedish illustrative pattern designer Lisa Edoff, maker of some of the most beautiful fairy tale inspired silk scarves.

Start with an easy style

Don’t over-complicate things when you start wearing scarves. You always look the best when you’ve just ‘thrown’ a scar on with some jeans and a fresh white shirt or top. It also looks great when girls wear scarves as a headband or turban.

My favourite and also the easiest way to wear a scarf is in a simple knot behind your neck. Watch the video below, and follow closely as I demonstrate ‘The Classic Knot’. 

Keep practicing 

Watch my video then practice your technique in a mirror at home. It might take a bit longer to master some of the styles, but keep persevering.

Update your style with new patterns

Once you’ve mastered all my scarf tying techniques, try swapping your scarves (or buying some new ones) to alter your look. Scarves will never go out of fashion, because beautiful textiles always hold their value. Of course the style of prints will change with trends, but older prints often come back in fashion.

Video by Lisa Edoff.

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