Unconventional tips for achieving flawless make up

Professional makeup artist to the stars, Louise Constad, busts some age-old makeup myths and shares her weird and wonderful tips for achieving a flawless look without blowing your budget.

Don’t splash out on the expensive stuff.

It’s all about the pigment. If it works, use it!

Take the easy approach to getting that perfect flick with your eyeliner.

  • Line both your top eyelids.
  • Then, with your eyes open, dot in the same place on each side where you would like your flick to end.
  • Close your eyes again (one at a time) and join the liner to the dot – this will ensure the angle flows upward.

Never mind those dry lips – the dryer the lipstick, the longer it’ll last.

The moist ones may feel great, but are the first to wear off.

Feel the shape of your face to contour correctly.

  • Light makes features appear big, and dark makes them appear small. So, the parts of your face you want to accentuate need to be made lighter (tops of your cheeks, beneath your eyes, top of your lips and beneath your eyebrows).
  • To make your other features appear smaller (or or more angular), use a dark contour (beneath your cheek, beneath your temple and beneath your jawline).
  • Be careful not to contour too low beneath the cheek. This will make your face appear long and droopy. Make an imaginary line above your lip to the bottom of your ear and don’t go beneath it.

Celebrate each birthday by raising your blush slightly higher!

This will lift your face and give you a more youthful appearance.

If you’re looking less-than-fresh, pat moisturiser gently into your cheeks.

Don’t rub, just pat. This will help to plump your face, leaving your skin dewy and fresh.

Go easy on the powder – only use it where you need it.

Gently apply your powder where you sweat – around your nose, chin, and forehead. Leave the rest of your face to glow, that way your make-up will catch the light and you will achieve a natural contouring effect.

8. None of us look the same  – remember that!

Even if you do the same makeup look on another person’s face, it’s always going to looks different. I’ve been doing makeup for over 20 years, and I’m still learning – every face teaches you something new!

Got any weird and wonderful tips of your own to perfect your makeup look? Share them below in the comments or tag @khoollect on social media.

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