5 city breaks you can take to escape London this weekend

If you’re in need of some new inspiration, a little rendezvous with a new city, or if you fancy waking up to breakfast in a place you’ve never been, there are so many wonderful destinations within a short flight or train ride from London. Fly out after work on a Friday afternoon and you could be dining somewhere exciting within a matter of hours, possibly struggling to order food in a foreign language.

Here are some of the must-see city breaks you can visit for the weekend from London:

  1. Copenhagen
    We love this city for its colourful houses, its abundance of art studios and small-scale exhibitions, its wonderful coffee spots and its cycle-friendly streets.
  2. Paris
    Hop aboard the Eurostar and find yourself stepping into another world in picturesque Paris within just two hours. You’ll be ready to wander the streets before you’ve even finished your egg-and-cress train sandwich!
  3. Krakow
    Step into a Wes-Anderson-looking film set in this pastel-hued city, where great food, green parks and friendly locals abound.
  4. Glasgow
    Whether you’re en route to the highlands or you’ve previously visited Edinburgh and want to see more of Scotland, Glasgow is a pleasant surprise where it seems hip cafes are popping up by the hour. Just ask our foodie and Glaswegian Creative Editor, Lara Messer.
  5. Munich
    This green, flower-filled city is a sight for sore eyes and is filled with foodie delights, top bars, museums and everything you could possibly need to fill a weekend city break.

What are your favourite city break destinations?

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