Featured Follower: Charlotte Hu Photography

Our featured follower series is the chance for us to show you the outstandingly talented members of the #khoollectcommunity. They’re the small businesses, the makers, the digital stars with genuine talent and an interesting story – and we need you to know about them.

This week we found out a little more about Charlotte Hu – a photographer specialising in food, lifestyle and some pretty spectacular weddings – including her go-to recipe and can’t miss delis in South London…

Instagram: @Charlottehuco

Website: http://www.charlottehuphotography.co.uk/

A little about yourself & what you do?
“I’m a freelance photographer of food and folk. I shoot weddings, dishes for restaurants, lifestyle content for brands and more.”

Where in the world do you live?
“I live in south London with my boyfriend and pygmy hedgehog. Our neighbourhood is known as ‘Little Portugal’ as most of the locals Portuguese immigrants who run fantastic eateries.”

One or more places you have to visit there?
“We are lucky to have Madeira So Peixe as our local fishmonger – the produce is always fresh and varied, and it has a restaurant in the back. If the Portuguese national football team are playing, grab a Sagres in Estrela to enjoy the lively atmosphere. I’m also a short walk from Italo Deli for a plate of fresh pasta or Brunswick House if it’s a special occasion.”

What do you khoollect?
“Styling props; and it’s becoming a problem. My boyfriend built me shelves out of old railway sleepers, and they’re currently heaving under the weight of all the vintage accessories and ceramics that I can’t say no to.”

Gennaro Contaldo by Charlotte hu photography

Favourite recipe?
“Jamie Oliver’s orange and polenta cake is a favourite in my household.”

Favourite book?
“My favourite cookbook is Every Grain Of Rice by Fuchsia Dunlop; and favourite book in general is (oddly enough) The Three Musketeers. I call my DSLR d’Artagnan!”

One item you can’t live without?
“I have a silver ring that features the Nazca lines, which I’ve worn for so long that I feel incomplete without it.”

Perfect day off?
“A long lie-in followed by a lazy, gluttonous brunch with friends. I also love helping my boyfriend in the kitchen as he preps huge vats of curry goat or oxtail ragu for future freezer meals. As a wedding photographer, I work most weekends throughout summer so I really appreciate every day off I get to share with loved ones.”

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be?
“Before I started my photography business, I worked in finance. Though it’d be nice to have colleagues and a Christmas party again, I can’t imagine going back to that life. If I won the lottery, I’d like to go back to uni and learn something new, like architecture.”

Celebrity/icon you’d most like for dinner?
“David Attenborough. I would hang on his every word.”

Best advice you’ve ever received?
“Listen more than you talk. Nobody learned anything by hearing themselves speak.”

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Image by Charlotte Hu.