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Melbourne native, Camilla Ferraro (@thealimentalsage), is a nutritionist, foodie, and blogger who loves eating her way around her hometown. Growing up with Italian grandparents on both sides of the family, meant that food was always the focal point of each and every gathering and tradition. Camilla has now made it her life.

A Day in the Life of Camilla Ferraro

Tell us about The Alimental Sage – what’s it all about?

‘The Alimental Sage’ is the name of my food and lifestyle blog, a project to inspire and educate readers to get excited about food and cooking from scratch. The website  is home to recipes, tutorials, food-related interviews and guest features, as well as travel and city guides highlighting the best the world has to offer in food and lifestyle. It’s also a bit of a food diary and a way for me to connect with foodies and fellow cooks across the world.

The story behind the name:

  • alimental (adj.) providing nourishment
  • sage (adj. and/or noun) profoundly wise

What do you do for a day job?

I’m a qualified nutritionist and full-time student studying a postgraduate Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics. I also freelance in food and lifestyle writing, photography and recipe development, and love collaborating with other creatives and small business owners.

It's the perfect night for a light summer salad. The recipe for this one is up on the blog, and it even includes some dark choccy, because why not?

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What fuels your passion for food?

Growing up in an Italian family (both sides), food and its associated rituals have always been a key part of any gathering or celebration.

Best Kept Secrets

I khoollect a few …

Or, shall we say a LOT of cookbooks, recipe clippings, food magazines and kitchenware.

Three recipe books you couldn’t live without?

Well this a hard question… like asking a mother of many who her favourite children are. If I had to pick three though:

Happiest food memory?

One of my happiest food memories was stumbling across the most astounding (and rather hidden) authentic Italian bakery in Rome. The owner was one of the most passionate bakers I’ve ever laid eyes on. His vigour, and love of food and feeding people reminded me immensely of my Nonna and every day he would put on the most mouth-watering lunch buffet of hearty, home-cooked Italian fare for all the locals and the occasional smart tourists (like us!). We returned almost daily and by the end of the trip the staff had just about become family.

Who’s your #khoollectcrush?

I’m ridiculously inspired by other talented cooks and creatives, but my two foodie crushes/idols would have to Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson. I’ve always admired them each uniquely, for their authentic, wholesome approach to food and cooking, and love of eating well.

Urban Favourites

Where do you call home and what do you love most about it?

I’m lucky to call Melbourne home. I love the eclectic mix of food and culture, it’s hidden laneways – home to many a wine bar or cozy cafe – the beautiful galleries, fresh food markets and of course the extraordinarily good coffee.

Ideal lazy Sunday in Melbourne?

A long morning walk, followed by a coffee and peruse of the newspaper or brunch with family and friends. Followed, perhaps, by a visit to a farmer’s market or local grocer to pick up supplies for the week. I love finishing a Sunday with a spot of weekend baking, preparing some delicious treats for the week ahead.

Stealing other people's breakfasts to photograph. Standard. // Always lovely seeing you @georgia_rose. #wednesdaybreakfastclub @gnomeespressowine

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Best place to get your zen back in Melbourne?

Definitely at a YinYoga class (in one of Melbourne’s amazing inner city yoga studios). It’s the only yoga I do. I don’t have the coordination for much more.

If you didn’t live there, then where?

Definitely London. I was absolutely taken by its polished chaos and electricity.

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