Khoollect Partnerships and Marketing Manager Hannah Adams

Meet Hannah Adams, Khoollect’s Partnerships and Marketing Manager. This creative social media wiz has a background in marketing, a soft spot for small, furry animals, and a strong creative flair. Take five minutes out with Hannah and find out how she came to join the Khoollect team:

What’s your role at Khoollect?

My role is Partnerships and Marketing Manager.

Tell us a bit about your background …

My career has taken quite a few twists and turns. My first ever job was as a waitress, aged 14, in a local hotel where I earned £2.75 an hour. I’ve come a long way since then. I studied an MA in Manufacturing Engineering at Loughborough University, which I thoroughly enjoyed — especially the strategy and business modules. After my third year, I came to realise that I wanted to work in the creative industries; so, I got a summer job working as a digital marketing executive for coffee company Cafédirect. I got onto an advertising grad scheme straight out of uni and I’ve not looked back since.

What do you love most about your line of work?

I enjoy creating things with talented people. When the right planning is in place and parts of a campaign come together, I get a real buzz from a tight-knit project. When you feel that everyone around you is working 100% to achieve the same goal, that’s a magical feeling.

What are you excited about?

Right now, I’m excited about getting stuck in to Khoollect!

Best Kept Secrets

I #khoollect …

Enamelware. I hope to own a campervan one day, so I’ve started stocking up on essentials.

What’s your favourite item in your #khoollection?

An enamel cooking pot. It’s a really great size for two people and I’ve cooked lovely things in it — I’m sure it’s in my head, but things taste better when they’ve been cooked in it over other pots!

What’s a life lesson that you’d tell your younger self?

I don’t have any regrets in my life — so if I could tell my younger self anything, I would tell her to keep being herself and keep doing what she’s doing.

What’s your secret ingredient or top tip in the kitchen?

Bouillon stock is a great cupboard essential.

Favourite corner of the Internet?

I read a lot of marketing and business sites: The Drum, Marketing Week, Campaign, Guardian Small Business Network and Enterprise Nation (which is great for startups). In my downtime, I’m a bit quirky. I binge-watch movie trailers on IMDb.

Hannah Adams

Dogs or cats?

Can I say hamsters? I have a pet hamster called Whiskey who is (and I’m slightly biased) the best hamster in the world.

Who’s your #khoollectcrush?

Julie Dean, founder of The Cambridge Satchel Company.

Urban Favourites

Where do you call home?

Mortlake in South West London.

Favourite food?

Depends on my mood, but essentially anything cheese-based.

Favourite drink?

A good strong cuppa English breakfast.

Top three spots to hang out in your hometown?

Barnes Farmers Market: sells the most delicious salad leaves.

White Hart pub: they have a balcony overlooking the Thames which is the best spot for enjoying the sunset and a beer after work.

Olympic Studios: previously a famous recording studio for the Beatles and Rolling Stones, it’s now a very plush cinema and restaurant.

Best way to spend a Sunday morning?

My boyfriend and I try to go bouldering at Vauxwall Climbing Centre every couple of weeks. It’s a fun and sociable way of doing exercise. Otherwise, we normally walk my boyfriend’s mum’s Westie dogs in Richmond Park and buy ingredients for a Sunday roast.

Your favourite place for coffee?

Artisan Coffee in East Sheen is my go-to on the weekend.

Favourite places to eat?

Vagabond on Charlotte Street, Chichetti’s in Covent Garden, and Le Petite Bretagne in Hammersmith. I close my eyes whilst eating a Tartiflette crepe, and I could be up a mountain somewhere in the alps on a skiing holiday …


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