‘I love the way you can create a buzz about food’ — meet Hannah from Bed N Breakfasttt

On some (most) weekend mornings, the thought of unravelling yourself from your blankets, lifting your head from the pillow and cooking breakfast is a near-unimaginable feat of strength. You might have an unwavering hankering for fried eggs, bangers and beans, but the idea of popping out to the grocery store to pick up ingredients is too cruel to fathom.

Enter Bed N Breakfasttt, a team that is prepared to get up early and do the dirty work for you. These guys cook and deliver a piping hot full English while you lie in. And, if you miss breakfast, they do roasts too. They’ve got your back.

We asked Hannah from Bed N Breakfasttt about how it all works…

Tell us, where did the idea for Bed N Breakfasttt stem from?
I lived and worked in Taiwan at the age of 21; I was coming to terms with the big culture shock and lifestyle change, and one thing that literally saved my bacon (excuse the pun) was a little breakfast delivery place. It wasn’t your traditional full English, but I totally had my breakfast fave.

So, you’re lying in bed on a Sunday morning, much too tired to make breakfast; what happens next? You roll over and you get straight onto your phone and head over to our site where you can place your order. Or, if you’re on either Just Eat or Hungry House and reside in our delivery area, then we will deliver.

Who’s the team behind Bed N Breakfasttt?
For a long time, it was me and a few drivers on rotation. I’ve got someone working in the kitchen with me now, and I run my own social media accounts; so the team is small but we get the job done!

What’s been your most common request so far?

It’s a tight one between the BNB Bundle and my Nutella-infused pancake breakfast! My daughter is a huge fan of the Nutella breakfast, so I know it’s good. Kids are our worst critics! I love making pancakes and even more so now that I’ve upgraded and got an electric whisk… they’re flying out!


You’ve added ‘roasttts’ to your offerings too; has this been a popular order?
Roasttts has been received just as well as my breakfasts; and, it’s the same concept: all the ingredients, including the meats we use, are all from our local shops. Everything is fresh and you can tell that as soon as you eat it.

What do you love most about what you do?
I love the way you can create a buzz about food; I love the way I can now call the shots in whatever I do; and, most of all, I love it when you ask my little girl Eden what I do and she replies, ‘You’re an entrepreneur; it means you run your own business you make breakfast for people.’ She came out with that the other day when I asked her and I almost cried! Whether this works or not, my daughter can see I went for my dreams! What’s not to love about that?

What do you think makes a great British Breakfast?
Quality ingredients and imagination! It’s also about timing, making sure you have the perfect runny egg, and that the bacon is cooked just how you like it!

What’s your favourite thing on the menu?
Cheese and onion omelettes 😍

What advice would you give to someone with a unique, creative business idea who isn’t sure if it’ll work out?
Have a plan. There’s no point in coming out with something quirky that nobody will buy into; so be realistic but, at the same time, go with your heart! You never know what’s meant for you until you try!

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