‘Respect the seasons, the product, and its history’ — Géraldine Derycke of Institut Paul Bocuse

Institut Paul Bocuse is a culinary school in the heart of France. It has recently released a new book, Institut Paul Bocuse Gastronomique: The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide to Culinary Excellence, which features 250 core techniques to make use of, with 70 classic recipes to try at home. We had a chat with Géraldine Derycke from the school, to learn more about its history and what we can expect from the book.

Could you tell us a bit about the history of the school?

The Institut Paul Bocuse was founded in 1990 by Paul Bocuse, who held three Michelin stars for over 50 years. The school is among the world’s elite higher education institutions, offering programs from Bachelor to PhD level in Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts. It is the only European Education group to have a dedicated food  and hospitality research centre on campus. The school is a means of protecting and disseminating French culinary identity, and now accommodates in the region of 700 students from 49 countries.

What made you decide to create this book?

One impetus was to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Institute, in 2015. We also wanted to create a book that would allow amateur cooks to learn the techniques of this high-level cuisine in a structured, thorough way, without having to make any compromises for the sake of simplicity or convenience. The 700 pages of instruction, with more than 1,800 photographs, distill the expertise of our highly experienced chefs and experts into a manual that any home cook can follow.

Institute Paul

What do you hope people will learn from the book? 

We hope they will learn techniques and recipes demonstrated by chefs who are masters at their art. Our culinary team is composed of more than 20 chefs who have together received over 30 Michelin-stars. As well as this ‘savoir-faire’, or ‘know-how,’ however, the book is also about sharing the ‘art de vivre’ of French gastronomy and culinary traditions. We hope it will pass on the enormous pleasure to be had from bringing family and friends together around the table to enjoy generous hospitality.

What do you think readers will be most excited by?

The opportunity to acquire such high-level cooking skills in the comfort of one’s own kitchen, and the chance that offers of spoiling loved ones and other guests with sumptuous food.

What’s your favourite recipe from the book?

That is impossible to answer. We think readers will enjoy finding their own favourites depending on the seasons, whether they are with friends, family, children and so on. Our main objective is to help people find happiness in the kitchen.

Do you have a secret tip you could share with our readers?

The secret is to cook with passion and also to respect the seasons, the product, and its history.

What do you Khoollect?

The Institut Paul Bocuse collects traditions and culinary techniques. It is only by understanding tradition that you will be able to create and innovate.

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