Meet the Khoollect cooks: Gabriella Rizzello

Brighton dweller, plant-based foodie, cat lover and inspired cook Gabriella Rizzello is an unashamed rooibos tea addict. So, who better to ask for a rooibos tea-infused recipe as part of our collaboration with Tick Tock Tea? We had a chat with this talented, slow-living advocate to find out more about what’s happening in her kitchen and how she spends a sleepy Sunday…

Name: Gabriella Rizzello

Blogs and Instagram:

My business website and Instagram handle is:

Tell us about what you do and how you got into cooking…

I co-own a vegan food business called Planted, based down in Brighton. We do pop-up events and also cater coffees shops and restaurants with wholesale cakes and pastries.

I’ve cooked ever since I can remember. I’m half Italian, which means food has been a big part of my life. My father is a restaurateur; I practically lived in his restaurant while growing up. My mother had her own café, which I worked at as a teenager; this included baking lots of cakes! She taught me all the basics of cooking, which I’m so thankful for.

Tell us about the recipe you’ve created using Tick Tock Tea…

I’ve created a Rooibos Raspberry and Coconut Loaf. I think the sweetness of the rooibos along with the nutty notes lends itself really well to raspberries and coconut. It’s also very pretty!

What’s your go-to relaxation technique? How do you take time out?

I love napping, so when I feel a bit tired I’ll have a snooze on the sofa with my cats. There’s nothing more relaxing than having a purring cat sat on your lap!


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Living in Brighton means you’re surrounded by lots of beautiful walks on the South Downs. I often go for walks to get out of the city and take some time out. Fresh air is the best cure.

What’s your favourite comfort food?

Penne al pomodoro, or chip-shop chips and mushy peas.

What’s your favourite tea to drink?

I’ve recently stopped having caffeine and my new favourite is rooibos for sure. I drink about four-five cups of it a day! I also love Celestial Sleepytime tea before I go to bed.

And your favourite movie to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon?

Cinema Paradiso by Giuseppe Tornatore

What’s your best piece of cooking advice for the novice cook?

Get yourself a processor. There are looad of really easy recipes that can be made in them. It changes your life!

This post has been created in collaboration with Tick Tock Tea.

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