A peek inside: The Lovely Drawer

At Khoollect, we’re all about finding inspiration in unlikely places and noticing the little details. For us, it’s those details that make the creative paper wares of Teri Muncey so appealing. With cheerful prints, inviting watercolours, imaginative illustrations and stationery that will induce envy from your colleagues, The Lovely Drawer is home to a collection of a beautiful objects. We asked Teri about the routines and inspiration behind her buoyant works:

A day in the life

Tell us about a typical working day at The Lovely Drawer …

A typical working day starts with a workout of some description, which shocks my system into wake-up mode. After a shower, I spend some time reading my bible over breakfast to get my mind and body ready for the day. I’ll usually have orders I need to post, so I combine this with a morning stroll and by the time I get back to my desk I’m ready to crack on with some commissions or blog work. If I have any styling or photographing to do, the best time to do that is in the morning as the light is amazing in my front room. Post lunch is when I tackle my emails and then go back to my design work, trying to finish up around 6.30pm but sometimes I have to plan things in the evening to stop myself overworking. A few evenings a month I’ll teach brush lettering or digital workshops so my day will end about 10pm.

The Lovely Drawer Prints

Where do you find inspiration and motivation?

My inspiration comes from all around me. I’m inspired by my morning walks and what I see in nature and architecture. I’m also inspired by interiors on Pinterest and magazines or at press shows. I usually have a lot of ideas bubbling around my head at any one time but they’re never all fully realised. Sometimes deciding which ideas to run with is the hardest part. Lots of people ask me if it’s hard to be motivated working for myself, at home, but I actually find that I’m more motivated to do that. My problem is generally overworking rather than lethargy, which can be equally as bad. I guess I’m the kind of person who doesn’t feel like they can rest until a project’s been executed. Sometimes getting out and about or heading to a coffee shop to work helps me if I feel motivation is lagging.

How would you describe your work?

My work is fairly minimal, with a selective colour palette. I start everything by hand, using organic shapes and typography in watercolours or inks.

Best Kept Secrets

I khoollect a few …

I khoollect a fair few styling props. It’s usually various glass or ceramic objects that pile up in a tall cupboard in our living room. I had to do a cull recently because it was out of control! 

What’s your favourite item in your khoollection?

My favourite item is a set of two speckled ceramic mugs with a little triangle on each. I love how unusual they are.

The Lovely Drawer

Urban Favourites

Where do you currently call home and what inspires you about your city?

I say I live in London, but really I don’t think of London as a whole as my home. My home is definitely Shepherd’s Bush. I’m very invested in the area with various activities, my church, as well as most of my friends being here. Working here probably also cements the feeling of being tied to this area. I moved not really knowing the area at all and now it has my heart.

Top three foodie spots in your city …

I love food! Unfortunately that’s been made a little bit harder recently when I found out I had food intolerances. Before I realised I had a gluten issue I loved to head to Franco Manca for delicious sourdough pizzas.

‘We Feast’ uses the railway arches in Shepherd’s Bush to set up seasonal street food markets as well as pop-up restaurants and it’s always delicious. Angie’s Little Food Shop in Chiswick does the best mix ’n’ match salads at lunch times and if you want extravagant British small plates then The Shed down the road in Notting Hill is quite an experience.

The Lovely Drawer

Most beautiful outdoor space …

My favourite outdoor space in my area is Ravenscourt Park. It’s a big, beautiful park with sports courts, a giant pond, and a walled garden with plenty of tall trees. I often walk there, hang out there in summer and frequently workout there too.

How do you spend a Sunday morning?

Sunday mornings are always spent with my church family. Unlike most people, my Sunday mornings arent spent wrapped up in a duvet. Im up bright and early usually preparing a big lunch for a group of friends before I head off to church with my husband. Its my favourite day of the week, even if I do miss a lie in every now and again.

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