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The brainchild of epicurean Parisians Isabelle Rivoire-Grange and Manon Posty Sworowski, Slow Soup is a young brand attempting to brighten up the most basic moments of the human experience. Eating, sleeping and making love are all on the table for Slow Soup as they create objects of desire for each. We had a chat with them to learn a bit more:

Tell us a little about Slow Soup… who’s behind the designs?

Isabelle: I wanted to create a brand about slow life, with a thoughtful spirit and a new approach to the eco-conscious mindset. It started with bowls — hence the word ‘soup’ in the name. But slow life is more than food, so I extended the concept to other aspects of life and the moments that make us feel content and joyful: eating, sleeping, and having sex. It’s all about love, actually. This is why I design objects that bring a little twist to these simple, yet fundamental moments. I create the products, the graphic content, the website, and I also hand paint the bowls. But I couldn’t manage without Manon’s feedback and sharp eye. She has down-to-earth wisdom and good business skills.

Manon: Slow Soup is a team of two. Isabelle is THE one for creativity: branding, products, and website. But we are a real team. We brainstorm first, then she works on different creative propositions. We finalise together so that both of us love what we create, using our sense of aesthetics and business vision.

How did the two of you meet? 

I: Two years ago I needed someone to work on a freelance project. I asked my friend Caroline if she had anyone in mind. She put us in contact with no hesitation. It was a friendship/working crush.

M: I was working at a major ad agency at that time. But I was eager for more personal and meaningful projects, something I could truly believe in, and that would fit more with my personality and lifestyle. When Caroline put us in contact, and when Isabelle told me about Slow Soup, it was exactly what I was looking for. Always trust timing in life.

What’s the philosophy behind Slow Soup?

Bring the ‘slow’ into everyone’s busy lives and share positive vibes with creativity and coolness. Compassion and kindness aren’t old-fashioned anymore! Slow Soup creates and ethically produces useful and minimal objects. Bowls for slow food, pillowcases for slow sleep and condoms for slow sex. Content is also available online for inspiration. In collaboration with a community of influencers from different creative backgrounds, we share a taste of slow life, a taste of good life. If this project could change the world in better, even on our tiny scale, we would feel very happy.

Screenshot 2016-09-05 at 5.35.51 PM

What projects are you working on right now? And what’s coming up for Slow Soup?

As a new brand there is a lot to do, like designing new products. There are four collections a year, following the rhythms of nature. The winter collection is in progress. We’re still working on finding new cool retailers, and spreading the word. Ultimately we want to develop collaborations with brands that share our vision. Our creative studio will offer new ideas, local sourcing and the strength of our creative community. We are looking forward to starting fun projects and developing conscious and successful businesses.

What achievement is the Slow Soup team most proud of?

We are proud to promote a conscious lifestyle in a cool way. We got such a warm welcome. People like the look and feel, the products, support the vision/concept of slowness, and want to be part of it. This makes us very happy. Also, Slow Soup was launched last February, out of the blue. Yet our products have been retailed in stores like Colette, Kapok in Hong Kong and Excelsior in Milan. It is a success and we hope it’s just a beginning.

You’re based in Paris; where are your favourite places to eat, drink and hang out in the French capital?

I: Eat: Wild And The Moon – Drink: Le Bellerive Café – Sleep: Hôtel Providence – Tea/Shop: Marché Noir – Party: Le Flow & Le Nuba – Kiss: Palais Royal gardens – See art: Palais de Tokyo.

M: Eat: Le Dauphin — Drink: Pavillon Puebla in Les Buttes Chaumont or Cafés near Canal Saint Martin or Bassin de la villette — Party : it could be everywhere, you just need to be with good and happy people.

What’s your best piece of design advice?

Start with a strong concept. Get honest feedback. Do what you feel is right.

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