Travelling in style: Steve Booker the wayfaring fashion blogger

Perpetual traveller, coffee addict, fervent foodie, design lover, talented photographer and fashion blogger Steve Booker is a man of many interests. Forever hopping on flights to dreamy destinations in pursuit of good fashion, food and coffee, this dapper fellow took some time out to talk us through his favourite holidays, travel tips and what’s next on the bucket list:

Tell us about a day in the life of Steve Booker…

I travel a great deal, so my favourite days are when I’m back at home and feel I can really focus on what’s coming up next. My day typically starts with walking my two dogs Bai and Blue, grabbing a quick coffee and then heading to the studio to begin work for the day. Typically I’ll spend the morning fielding emails, and then in the afternoon catching up on editing and planning blogposts. I feel most productive when I’m at home as I have time to focus and get excited about future projects. When I travel it’s all about getting the content for that day and exploring new places. I’m fortunate to travel with my friends, so we spend our days finding new places together.

Steve Booker

We’re big admirers of your travel pieces. What have been some of your favourite travel posts on the blog so far?

I recently got back from a month-long trip travelling around the USA. Part of the trip was visiting the music festival Coachella, I was able to get some awesome photos over those three days and because the light in that part of the world is like no other I’ve seen; it’s such a great place to photograph.

What’s the most memorable place you’ve visited?

My most memorable place is probably Alberta, Canada; it was the first big trip which was all about exploring the outdoors, capturing the country’s beautiful landscapes with a group of awesome people too. The trip also took us to Calgary and Vancouver, which was a great contrast to the nature-filled days in the mountains, as I love experiencing city life too.

We’ve noticed you’re quite the coffee addict. What’s your favourite city to get your fix?

Every place I visit I go in search of good coffee, but there’s something about the coffee places in London that I love. I think it’s the variety of places you can visit from the slightly more organic architecture of East London coffee shops to the sleeker more business-orientated coffee shops as you steer closer into central.

Steeve Booker COffee

As a fashion-oriented blogger, what are your top packing tips?

Pack light! I’m always picking up clothes on my travels so feel like the best things you could pack would be the basics: simple colours and designs that would go with anything you pick up along the way.

Your best travel advice?

It may sound like a weird one, but take a four-way extension lead; it means you can use one converter to charge all of your phones/tablets/cameras at once.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love the variety and the opportunity to experience new places. I feel really fortunate to be in this position and never want to take what I do for granted.

Where do you hope to visit next?

Japan has been on my list for a while and hopefully a group of us will be able to organise it in the not too distant future!

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