Zurich’s best-kept winter secret

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Thanh Berthou, the blogger and creative mind behind Eat, Little Bird, shares her experience from one of Zurich’s best kept winter secrets.

Nestled next to Lake Zurich and right on the doorsteps of the breathtaking Opera House you’ll find the Zürcher Wienachtsdorf – Zurich’s Christmas markets. The markets charm visitors and locals alike, with bustling stalls, a grand fondue chalet and a spectacular ice-skating rink for the brave and nimble.

Zurich Winter Markets

The wooden huts feature an abundance of local artisan handicrafts. I’m instantly drawn to some antique spoons that have been hand-stamped with sweet messages like ‘Guten Morgen’ and ‘cereal killer’. Around the corner, I find dainty cake stands that have been delicately crafted from vintage plates. Lovers of stationery will delight in small notebooks; printed with iconic images of Zurich’s trams.

Zurich Christmas Markets

And then there’s the food! Traditional Swiss classics like crispy Flammkuchen (pastry tarts topped with cheese, bacon and onion), Bratwurst (veal sausage) and Rösti (fried potato cakes) are popular crowd favourites. Those wanting to get out of the cold will find respite in the cosy fondue chalet; its chalet-chic design – complete with a fireplace and library – will instantly transport you to a snow-capped hut in the mountains. Visitors with a sweet tooth should track down the Kaiserschmarrn – an Austrian specialty comprising of a shredded pancake dusted with icing sugar and served with warm plum compote.

In addition to local fare, there are international offerings reminiscent of a street food festival, including steaming bowls of Vietnamese pho, Chinese steamed buns and tender pulled pork (both messy and delicious). To my surprise and delight, we find an Australian stall selling meat pies topped with mashed potatoes and a local touch of melted raclette cheese. I bite into the flaky pastry and something tells me I will be back again very soon.

Photos and words by Thanh Berthou of Eat, Little Bird blog.

Check out Thanh’s postcard from the Zurich Christmas markets, or read more about how she got her start in blogging. You can also try your hand at her delicious Mont Blanc pavlova recipe.

Have you been to a European Christmas market? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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