Welcome to Khoollect!

***Rachel Khoo would like to thank all the inspiring people who helped make the Khoollect studio a hive of creativity. Although the Khoollect studio’s doors have now closed, you can keep up with Rachel’s newest adventures on RachelKhoo.com and on Rachel’s Instagram and Facebook pages – and, continue to enjoy the Khoollect website’s stories and recipes, which will remain available.***


Woohoo, Khoollect is finally online!

If you’ve been following me or Khoollect on social media, then you’ll have seen lots of mentions of the upcoming launch. I’m so excited you finally get to see what all the kerfuffle is about.

I’m writing this column from Khoollect HQ. My dream of working from a swanky studio-office, complete with amazing kitchen, hasn’t become reality just yet. Nope instead I’m typing from the sofa in my living room in East London with my fantastically tiny, but perfectly formed team of Khoollectors all busy typing, photographing and creating from my dining table. All my projects have been about doing the best with what I’ve got, and working on Khoollect brings back fond memories of my Little Paris Kitchen days.

khoollect dictionary definition

Khoollect is a long time in the making. In between writing books, creating and filming television shows and travelling the world, I’ve been on the lookout for a project that combines my love of life, meeting people, and being creative from the other side of the camera. Khoollect is just that an online platform that celebrates inspiration in unlikely places. Taking it online seemed only natural it’s a place I’m really comfy, as you’ll see from the first blogpost I published on rachelkhoo.com some 10 years ago.

I’ve always been a passionate creative and expressed my ideas and opinions through food, fashion, design, and music. Khoollect is a culmination of all the exciting things I’ve wanted to share for so long, and gives me the opportunity to highlight the inspiring people and places I’ve seen and met on my travels. It’s also a chance for you to shout about the things that get you excited it’s just as much your place to share new discoveries as it is to find out what we’re raving about.

So, before you roll your eyes and go thinking Khoollect’s just another celebrity lifestyle brand, take a peek, have a nosey and give it a chance (maybe two we’re still working on a few little technical hiccups and building up our content).

We’d love to hear your suggestions and get your help to build a place you love to visit. Join the #khoollection, drop us a line, leave a comment, tag us in a photo – just get involved!

Welcome to Khoollect – glad you stopped by!


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