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Whether you’re taking a holiday to a remote island or a work trip to the city, if you want to feel your best while flying, we’ve got a few tips that could come in handy mid-air. Stocking up on an infamous Toblerone or two from duty-free may be tempting, but take a lap around the terminal and move away from the sugary treats! A little movement before a long-haul flight does a world of good. Travelling is meant to be fun and you’ll want to feel like your best self wherever you’re heading. Here’s our tips and tricks …

Hydration station

Although miniature bottles of alcohol may tempt you while flying, it’s best to avoid anything that’ll make you feel sluggish. Bring a bottle of water onboard and drink up! Staying hydrated is key for glowing skin and good focus (you’ll need it for all those onboard films!). Steer clear of salty, dehydrating crisps and you’ll avoid an in-flight headache or muscle cramp you never asked for! Instead, grab a fruit with a high-water content, such as a peach or pack in slices of cucumber and snack to stay hydrated.

Pack a snack

Stock your hand luggage up with healthy, homemade snacks and turn your long-haul flight into a foodie’s paradise. Snacking on the iconic paring of peanut butter and apples slices, a few veggies sticks and hummus, or some dark chocolate will keep you feeling satisfied during even the dullest of fights.

Request a special meal

Some things, like a lack of sleep in an uncomfortable airplane seat, can’t be avoided. However, most airlines will allow you to request a special meal online or at the time of booking your flight. Request a vegan or vegetarian meal and you’ll usually be served fresh fruit, healthy salads and raw nuts. Flying economy can be hip and healthy.

What makes you feel good on long-haul flights? Comment below…

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