Work with us
Have you got a unique or interesting project you’d like to join forces on? Or, an advertising or sponsorship deal you want to pitch to us? Then be sure to get in touch – we’re always open to fun ideas, creative collabs, and opportunities to achieve big things together.

We love to partner with interesting businesses and brands, and so far we’ve already had the pleasure of working with Logitech, Unilever, Tick Tock Tea, Lakeland, Little Greene Paint company and more. Together we’ve created unique content for our Khoollect community, including giveaways, sponsored recipes and e-cookbooks, social media campaigns, videos and podcasts, interior overhauls…and we’re open-minded to whatever fantastical ideas you’ve got tucked up your sleeve.

Khoollect noticeboard

Khoollect has always been a place to share inspiration and connect with a like-minded community of recipe hunters, foodies, adventurers, creatives and curious minds, and now we’re giving you the chance to speak directly to our subscribers via Khoollect Noticeboard – a brand spanking new feature in our eNewsletter that wings its way straight to the inboxes of 11,000 plus Khoollectors every month.

Got a job opportunity you’d like to offer up? An important event you want to tell the world about? Need a hand with a short-term project? Or want some help getting your new venture off the ground – the Khoollect Noticeboard is the perfect parrot to get your message out.

How to get on board
It’s plain and simple: you write a little blurb of no more than 280 characters, pay a set fee of £100 (+VAT) on each listing, and it’ll be in our next newsletter to our Khoollect subscribers.

Copy must be submitted by 9am GMT on the 1st Monday of every month, and will run the following Monday.

Place your notice here.

Putting pen to paper
If you’re not a master of copy writing, or have never penned an advertorial message before, never fear – we’ve crafted a few examples of what your listing could look like below:

Khoollect noticeboard

Terms and conditions

All listings submitted for publication in the Khoollect Noticeboard are subject to approval. Khoollect retains the right to refuse material that:
– Does not adhere to our community standards;
– Does not meet the character limit specified above;
– Includes inappropriate or offensive language;
– Makes reference to inappropriate content or subject matter deemed unsuitable for the Khoollect audience.

In the (unlikely) event that your listing is refused, we will issue a full refund.
NB: Refunds will not be processed for reasons outside of our control.

For press enquiries you can get in touch here.

Our Khoollection of content is always growing! Email with your samples of work or editorial pitch ideas.

Book publishers here’s one for you – we love to feature new cookbooks and their authors, so please let us know about any upcoming cookbook releases.

Out Now!

Rachel Khoo's Chocolate e-cookbook

With over 30 delicious recipes, this e-cookbook showcases wonderful new ways to cook with cocoa. This is not just a dessert book; within you'll find a whole range of recipes for every occasion from a decadent chocolate tahini caramel torte, to a confit cocoa cod with lemony white chocolate sauce. These recipes are featured in Rachel Khoo's Chocolate TV show.

100% of the proceeds* from this book will be donated to Women’s Aid (charity number 1054154)

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