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Hello, and welcome to the Khoollect fine print. Not quite as tasty as our recipes, but important nonetheless! You might be wondering – what’s the motivation behind Khoollect? Well, we believe in creating things that make mouths water, shooting images that make your heart sing, and satiating all forms of wanderlust. We aim to cast our editorial eyes far and wide (starting with our Khoollect HQ in London) to unearth interesting people, places and designs to share. In a nutshell? We collate inspiration found in unlikely places and share it with our growing online community (that’s you!).

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When it comes to some recipes (hello, pâtisserie), we like to stick to the rules. Let’s approach social media in the same way. When you join the Khoollect online conversation we only have one rule: please be kind. We can’t wait to chat with you via our community forum, across our social channels and we look forward to welcoming your unicorn emojis to our #khoollect conversation on Instagram. We foster positive media here at Khoollect, so please play nice (or we will hit delete).

As editor of Khoollect, Rachel Khoo guides the site’s editorial direction, however views and opinions published on khoollect.com or the Khoollect Community Forum are not necessarily hers.

Here at Khoollect HQ we are in the lucky position of occasionally receiving little gifts* and perks (products to review, invitations, or discounts from agencies or brands). We want to reassure our readers that that this does not influence our editorial judgement in any way (*brownies and baked goods always welcome).

Transparency is the name of the game here at Khoollect and we promise to always make it crystal clear when we are working with sponsors or advertisers. Collaborating with sponsors allows us to grow Khoollect. On occasions where Khoollect has organised a paid sponsorship collaboration, we will make it very clear. And most importantly – we only work with brands or products that we genuinely love.

Just a heads up – regular Khoollect readers might notice that sometimes we include affiliate-linking services when we link to external products. Hopefully they lead you to some exciting purchases, or (online) window shopping!

Feeling lucky? From time to time, we will host giveaways (bonne chance!). Alongside each specific giveaway we’ll publish competition guidelines to make sure all the details are clear. We promise the products that we choose to feature are of genuine editorial interest to Khoollect.

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