Behind the scenes of Khoollect HQ

***Rachel Khoo would like to thank all the inspiring people who helped make the Khoollect studio a hive of creativity. Although the Khoollect studio’s doors have now closed, you can keep up with Rachel’s newest adventures on and on Rachel’s Instagram and Facebook pages – and, continue to enjoy the Khoollect website’s stories and recipes, which will remain available.***

Come take a sneak peek behind the scenes of Khoollect HQ. It might not be quite what you’re expecting– it’s certainly not a vast warehouse studio with mezzanine floors and water coolers, but rather a very homely inner city apartment doubling as an office space.

Khoollect Life Ikea Hack

In large cities such as London, rent is expensive and space comes at a premium. For startup companies such as Khoollect, there isn’t significant budget for office space, which means I’ve had get crafty and create a multi-functional living and work space.

Rachel at Kitchen Island

Between the hours of 9am to 5pm on weekdays, up to five staff fill up my apartment lounge – there’s usually two or three working around the dining table come desk, and another couple perched on the couch with laptops on their knees. I’m next door working in the office, which doubles as a second bedroom when I have guests to stay. Sometimes the kitchen is also a hive of activity with recipe testing or photo and film shoots going on in the background. It never feels particularly crowded.

Khoollect HQ Behind the Scenes

Bex BTS at Khoollect

To make this unique arrangement work, I’ve created a very clear, easy, and streamlined process for separating work and home life. It takes just five minutes. Come 5pm, the dining/office table slides away under the bookshelf, the desktop computer stows away neatly in a little cupboard, chairs are packed into the office and hallway cupboard, and my office desk flips magically around to become a bed (it’s true!). Every trace of ‘work’ can be disappeared within minutes.

Now I’m on the lookout for a new Khoollect HQ to house myself AND my growing team of staff.

Do you work from a unique multi-functional space like ours? Tell us about it in the comments below – we’d love to hear some of your clever design and storage solutions.

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