Cosy corners of the city: where you’ll find hygge hiding in London

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For those residing in England’s chilly capital city of London, and those planning to visit it during the coat-donning months, keeping cosy and finding the hygge in everyday moments is key to feeling tip-top in this town.

But, if the weather’s making it hard for you to notice the cosiness in everyday moments, here’s where you might just find the feeling of hygge hiding in London:

  • Cosy cafes: London is a city dappled with cosy nooks and corners, and Nanna’s in Islington is a quintessential hygge-inducing spot for embracing the season’s positives. Tasty toast toppings, deep cups of coffee, quality reading materials and furniture fit for your grandparents’ living room makes this cafe a go-to for those seeking warmth in London’s north.
  • In nature: The changing hues of London’s leaves, as autumn slides into winter, is a sight to behold. Pop on your boots, button up your parker and take a stroll through the naturally beautiful surrounds of Hampstead Heath; better yet, it’s a puppy-friendly parkland with plenty of sprawling space for pets to run wild.
  • Book stores: Nuzzle in to a reading nook at one of London’s many cosy bookshops. We suggest Persephone Books, where story lovers can top up on a life-affirming dose of literature in a comfortably curated space.
  • Small cinemas: Soak in the sounds of a big screen at a cosy cinema space in London. Make yourself comfortable in the seats of Electric Cinemas to see a brand new film in an old-school building.
  • Warming bakeries: There’s surely nothing more hygge-boosting than fresh-out-of-the-oven Nordic-style baked goods. We can attest to the fact that the baked deliciousness at The Bread Station, Hackney, will make you feel good in a jiffy.

Where do you seek hygge outside of your home? Comment below to share…

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